Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Two Out of Three

Not bad odds for new pattern success rates. I ordered the Anne Kerdiles Cezembre top pattern

and two StyleArc patterns all about the same time. Like all StyleArc patterns , the sizing is uniform and accurate but every 6 months to a year, I am lulled into buying a pattern that has a cut on sleeve.
Remember me saying I would never do that again? I must have declared that sentiment at least 6 times over the years! Somewhere, there must be the Holy Grail of cut on sleeves for me, but the Teddy top wasn't it.

 It wasn't the worst I've ever tried and I love the neck even though it is a very fussy piece of sewing, but the sleeves are a pattern killer for me. I'll steal the collar for use on a pattern with well fitting sleeves. Now the second StyleArc pattern was a real charmer.

 The Tania Tabard is a lovely go to garment to have in your wardrobe. The fit is perfect out of the envelope and the twisted sash across the front quite flattering.

Cute alone, with a sweater and with a little work as a  dress too! My kind of pattern. One more is already cut out in some special linen fabric I've been hoarding for at least 2 years maybe 3.

The long awaited custom warping board finally arrived!

It is a thing of beauty done all in oak and with a full 5" for my hand to pass through the dowels as I measure thread. Love it and who wouldn't want to look at this lovely Texas landscape painted by a dear friends Dad, many years ago.

I am really and truly on my last towel of the bumblebee warp. I'm kind of sick of yellow and doing this final one in a pale blue.

Looks silver grey as I weave it. Pretty!

I got some painting done on Buttercup last week, but haven't gotten back to her this week.

 I want to finish her up this weekend and start getting her back together for a tryout! WooHoo!

I need to mention three things. The first, how could anyone still think that orange asshat in the White House didn't cheat to win the election? In my world, if you cheat at something, you lose the prize/trophy, title etc. And don't get me going about the jerks in various cabinet positions. November can't come quick enough folks!

Those kids, standing up against the NRA, gun violence and 2nd Rights amendment bullies everywhere. OMG, you are all my heroes.

Lastly, Martin Luther King Jr. I was 10 when he was killed and the dinner table and current events classroom discussions about race and prejudice we had is just as relevant today as it was 50 years ago. A few months later it was Robert F. Kennedy who was killed. 1968 was a bloody awful year.
In honor of them both I leave you to be moved to tears with Mahalia Jackson.

Parting shot: Calendar girl!


LA said...

To borrow a quote, "and the children shall lead them." I, too, am proud of this group of young people. Lovely spring sewing from your studio!!!! Buttercup is truly a work of art!

Michelle said...

I like everything in your post, even the warping board which is meaningless to me, but has a pretty picture. ;-)

Cindie said...

I'm anxious to see that Tania tabard tunic in person, looks really interesting.

The loom is coming along - I love it!

Finally something political from you on the blog again - I try to bury my head in the sand and ignore all that's going on in this sick administration but I just can't bury it deep enough.

Peg Cherre said...

That tabard is lovely indeed, even though it's a piece of clothing I'd never think of. It's so updated from the old plain square ones (which were/are rather ugly). This would look swell over my leggings.

I was 16 in 1968. I find it most disturbing that we are still killing black men/boys in alarming numbers every day/week, and that racism isn't any better - maybe more covert, but still just as strong.

I heard that the students in Parkland start learning debating techniques in ELEMENTARY school and that it continues through middle and high school. That certainly helps to explain how articulate they are.

Theresa said...

Peg, It would look great with leggings and I have ideas of loose flowy lightweight cotton harem pants under one done in the same whisper weight linen. The whole world is rather disturbing in this moment in time, much like 1968 when you come to think of it.

Cindie, I'll try to remember to wear one when we next meet up in a couple of weeks! I'm often political, just chose not to always expose my blog pals to it. The dogs are becoming quite astute in political arguments. They always end in them getting a biscuits. I'm convinced dogs for the most part Democrats. ;-)

Michelle, Good to see you surface here once in a while! The warping board is wonderful but so aren't your husbands amazing bowls!

LA, Buttercup is certainly miles from where she started. Honestly, if I had known looms look so good painted up I might have done a few others. I can hardly wait for some of the spring "wearing"!

Hilary said...

Love that first top....and the loom is going to be are so talented.
I was 16 when JFK was killed. I was in the library at is imprinted in my brain forever.

Susan said...

Someone told me that I should respect the office of president and the idiot (my word). My feeling is that one earns respect - it's not handed out. I hope these kids can keep it going. They are amazing. As always - SO MUCH TALENT!~ I cannot tell you how much I love that fox on Buttercup! Oh, Mandy, those flippers. I'd be tossing handfuls of treats in her direction.

Mary said...

The tabard is so updated and cool-I love it. I have seen some patterns with similar lines and I would love to be able to wear them but I don't have the right figure for the style.

politics: love to discuss but not lately as I just get mad and a sour stomach. I have decided it is because I feel we are all getting conned and NO ONE in the WH has a shred of decency.

Sharon said...

Yes 1968 was a very difficult year I think the Chicago Democratic Convention was that year too. I was a college junior and scared to death of the Students for Democratic Society. Love your beautiful loom!