Monday, April 23, 2018

Hanging Art

What is art anyway? Is anything you designate "art" art? Should art be pretty or thought provoking or both? Myself, I'm pretty conventional about art. I'm not a huge fan of photography, not that much of isn't beautiful and artful, but there are other mediums I much prefer. I love illustrations, I love landscapes and good seascapes, I like whimsical pieces that are more likely to make me smile than think and I love paintings that evoke a sense of place. I prefer animals in my art to people. I have a lot of art in my house, mostly from my Dad. I was exceptionally surprised when my Mother wanted me to get rid of all my Dad's art. She had disliked most of it except for about 7 pieces which are in her apartment. Who knew???
I loved most of his selections, although there are two or three that don't send me. Some of my favorites remind of Vermont. The long vista of rolling green hills

and of course cows.

 I grew up in Vermont during a time when the cow population outnumbered people.

Anyway, while my painting skills are pretty non-existent and certainly not "art" they do provide some whimsy. The headboard

 and footboard

 to the old bed frame are now both hung, facing each other as they were for many years before we took the footboard off the bed.

And speaking of art, my lovely wonderful veterinarian is a secret artist in her own right. This was my birthday gift from her.

 Done in 1990 for her brother, who had some printed up on archival paper.
Isn't it beautiful?! I am lucky to know so many caring and gifted people, from quilters, to painters and weavers, makers of all stripes. I am surrounded by creativity.

SO for creative endeavors on my part, here are the Trio pants you missed the last post

 and a cute top made from what was left of a wadder.

Buttercup handled her first warp beautifully. It went on and it wove off this weekend.

 I had a blast.
It also convinced me to leave well enough alone and keep her at just 2 shafts. Walking the treadles is a happy way to while an hour or so. The simplicity allows for creativity in other ways. Color, inlay maybe, a simple rep weave? Who knows. Another rug warp is on order for her. More rags I think and some fun with mop cotton.

4 of the 8 bumblebee towels are hemmed and ready to go.

Some for gifts and a few for me. My towels are looking pretty ratty these days.

A new warp for the David is in the works.

 A modification of the bread cloths from this old Handwoven.

Lastly, some really nice warm weather. The daffodils are finally nodding in a spring breeze on a sunny day. I think this song pretty much sums it up.

Parting shot: Regal ain't I?


LA said...

Buttercup sure got a workout!!! I think she's on a roll! As for art, I think it is a personal choice...does it make you happy?

Michelle said...

Love art; hate putting holes in the walls and dusting. It's definitely a conundrum.

Mary said...

Your art from the headboard and footboard is fantastic! What glorious color and line. I tend toward paintings which are abstract, though I do like super realistic work too. Love the Trio pants, and the weaving. Happy spring.

Peg Cherre said...

That little daschund sure is regal. And I LOVE those pants - share the source and pattern, please.

Art - I prefer not to define it. Do I like it? It's artistic, at the very least. Although I also recognize that there are LOTS of things I don't like that are art.

To Michelle - I use Command hooks or strips almost exclusively to hang the art in my house.

Susan said...

Is the flying bratwurst getting ready to launch? Love the colors of that coverlet, too. Yes! The pants! I could totally wear those pants! To me, art is anything that causes an unexpected emotion in me. So that (especially recently) puts just about anything in the art category. We have similar tastes - and I really, really like how you've displayed your head/foot board art.