Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Triple B is Ready for Business

I have a couple small details to finish up but her warp is ready to go on and I'm ready to get down to the test "walk"! Here's Buttercup.


Fairies and their dust on the beater supports

I have a name!


Stars on the beams

Yep, I put my name on there too.

I need to get number stencils.

Raccoons because who doesn't need a few clever little hands to help with weaving!
Hand Prints too. Grab here!

The whole enchilada

Red breasted Nuthatch, my favorite woodland bird

Plain white cotton rug warp for rag weaving. Place mats!
I just have to leave you with this for todays ear worm! Sorry!

Parting Shot: We've been SOOOOOO ignored!


Cindie said...

I bet you're going to smile the entire time weaving on that loom!

Michelle said...

It is SO BEAUTIFUL! I would never know how to tackle something like that, and admire those who can.

Unknown said...

Wow, wow, wow!!! I am so impressed with your work! PLEASE video yourself (somehow) weaving on your new loom. I'd love to see it in action.

Nancy said...

Gorgeous! I think your raccoons will be much more helpful than my cats!

LA said...

Well, Buttercup....I'll be singing that song all night long!!!! LOL She's lovely!

Susan said...

OMG - she is GORGEEOUS! I like the little bat, too. That last picture. Be still, my heart. Those ears...

Peg Cherre said...

Your Buttercup is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I am SO impressed with your handiwork! Can't wait to see how she weaves.

Poor puppies. Give them pets from Jack & me.

Hilary said...

You did a fantastic job! Wow, I'm so impressed!

Theresa said...

Hilary, Thank you, it's not perfect but I'm pretty pleased.

Peg, Pets passed to all parties! They love that back room when it's warmer and I'm betting I get some "helpers" this weekend while warping it up.

Susan, Bats are a favorite critter around here too. We are the land of interesting ears. At least these don't need to be constantly set back to factor settings!

LA, My mission is done. I have sent an ear worm out into the world!

Nancy, I have grown to love the pesky raccoons around here. The old boar I hope has made it through the winter and with luck we'll see Momma and some new kits late summer.

Unknown, Thank you . Since I have no way to video reliably you will just have to imagine me shifting weight from one treadle to another. Jack might be able to walk that loom too. His paw prints are there next to mine.

Michelle, Thank you and I know for a fact your creativity comes out on little tiny spindles, which I could never do!

Cindie, You'd win that bet!

mrsmole said...

Buttercup is a work of art now! Wow...love the bright colors and addition of the nuthatch!