Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Painting of Looms Is A Difficult Matter

It isn't just one of your holiday games; You may think at first I'm as mad as a hatter.

T.S. Eliot would understand I'm sure. For those that may have missed this poem from Eliot's "Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats" here it is in full.

While naming cats is hard, painting looms might be harder.

 This weekend saw Buttercup transformed from a ho hum structure of pine lumber to a happy red and blue beauty of a loom.

 Those boards are providing a lot of space for decorative painting, something I've always enjoyed doing.

 It's slow work though, brushes dry, paint gets muddy, stencils need to be cleaned often and like everything, I design on the fly.

I have a rough idea of the elements I want and where I might want them but I'm always open to a whim or two or more. So here we are with some of the inside of the loom worked on.

It will be days before she is done but so far so good and lets face it, I can always paint a portion over and start again.

The sewing closet has been a hopping place to! The second pair of Nehelam Pants (Sew House Seven) has finally been finished and I've used an inkle band on the tie.

A couple more Cezembre blouses have been completed too. I love this pattern. The fuchsia number is a lightweight linen and feels sumptuous on.

The little Charley Harper mice a soft organic cotton, Looks nice with those yellow pants too!

My Mom has completed her first series of 3 chemo treatments. She is tolerating the chemo well, although she has had to have a couple of transfusions. Otherwise, no sickness at all but some fatigue.
The cancer which is in her lungs and a few other places has not spread nor grown. Hasn't shrunk either but we'll take this holding pattern for as long as we can. We're going out for Easter dinner this year, she said she was up for it. Yeah!

I'm going to leave you with this song from one of my all time favorite bands and certainly my idol as far as bass players go. RIP John!

Parting shot: BWBF! (Best walking buddy forever)
When did all that grey happen?


Susan said...

I can't decide whether I like the mouse, the hummingbird or the spider and her web most. I love them all! Buttercup is glorious! I tell you, while puppies are adorable, there is NOTHING like an old grey dog face. It just grabs my heart like nothing else.

LA said...

You're having WAY TOO MUCH FUN with your new loom! Lookin' good!!!!

Theresa said...

LA, Well yes, yes I am having a wee bit of fun with the triple B.

Susan, Just wait, there will be a Dala horse, a sugar skull and likely a fox too. Jack is such a character, he's earned every one of MY grey hairs! ;-)

Cindie said...

Love the stenciling!!! Well, except the spider web/spider - don't like spiders, even in pictures or drawings.

Love that top pattern too.

Peg Cherre said...

BBB is a beauty, for sure! I love the whole look, and how your creativity shines from everywhere.

Love those pants...but is all that fabric at the waist an addition of yours or part of the pattern? Not sure I'd want that much at my waist. The color is to dye for. (Haha) As is that pink linen top. I would definitely wear them together.

And now I have a Who earworm.

Hilary said...

I love the loom painted........you are so talented. And patient.

Theresa said...

Hilary, I'm loving it too. Egads it is a lot of painting though....

Peg, I wish I was a better hand at free hand painting things, but I'm not. The pants do have a fold over but there are several ways to make that waist band, high, low, single etc. I like that deep fold over. It's not like anyone is going to think I'm skinny without it! Here is a link so you can see other options. Fun pattern.

Cindie, Really??? I rather like spiders myself and always feel a sense of guilt when I accidentally vacuum one up. We practice catch and release here.

Mary said...

I love the little mouse! Wonderful sewing projects Theresa. I am happy to hear that your Mom is tolerating chemo. Yay!!