Monday, March 12, 2018

Weaving Minions

How I wish there were little yellow tittering beings doing all the grunt weaving work, sleying the reed, adjusting tension etc. Kind of like a small creepy equivalent of the pool boy....

What I am really referring to are all the small nameless weaving looms I seem to be adding into my collection. I am thoroughly enjoying the small weaving projects on them. So low stress, none requiring more than a bit of concentration and a short period of time. If I only have a small block of time I can keep my hands busy creating something.

On the small weaving front and a new addition is a custom made Kumihimo stand.

 This was made to be comfortable based on my height and chair and it is! I love it and makes trying out a new to me mode of weaving a success. It's so important to have good workable equipment for first attempts I've always found. The stand itself was made by Steve at Kumimojo as where the nifty bobbins. It came with all sorts of useful goodies. Well thought and well made. Thank you Steve!

I've also tried my hand out on card weaving. Hmm, that could be some sort of pun don't you think?

Anyway, the Leclerc Cendrel is doing duty as a card weaving loom and I'm really having fun with that too, although threading the cards was slow going for my first time out.

I purchased some really beautiful acrylic cards to try from HipStrings. For the sewists in the group they also make some beautiful acrylic french curves.

I really should be doing card weaving on this loom, made for it.

To be honest, the reach is too great for me to be comfortable. I am thinking about having a local craftsman cut that long extended arm down by about 10-12 inches and reset the dowel. I can't see keeping it around to look pretty. You know I have few qualms about putting tools out to greener pastures if I am not using them. I have also finally, after 9 years of weaving gotten someone to make me a warping board that allows my fist to pass through the dowel space without hitting my knuckles. It should be shipping this week. If anyone is interested there will be a pretty nice Leclerc Warping board available for PDC (pretty darn cheap).

And that brings me to the last little minion, a JK Seidel Scandinavian Style loom.

It is beautifully made but I don't love it. I find it awkward to use holding the tape instead of having it wrapped around a little cloth beam. It may just take more practice. I'll give it some additional time and see if we develop an affection for each other. If not, it too will go up for sale.

Earworm of the post. HA!

Parting shot: Who's comfy chair is it anyway?

commence with the ear worm cleaning!


  1. Isn't it interesting how different crafts have their own vocabulary? I will have to say that weaving is Greek or Latin to me. I do love the aesthetics of that little Scandinavian loom...I also love the looks of those adorable JRTs! Of course your ear worm led to the Happy version of the minions, which led to me chair dancing. Thank you. :)

  2. Up Town Funk is always fun, but HAPPY jumped right on the screen, too!!!! That makes my night! Now, to get those minions in your studio to help out.....

  3. Uptown Funk, minions, and weaving - does it get any better than this???

    I tried card weaving, and decided it wasn't for me. If I stopped for the bathroom or whatever, there was no way I could figure out where I was when I returned. Plus I rarely have a need to make narrow bands.

  4. My grandmother did card weaving. I have her loom, made by my grandfather for her, but it looks nothing like that. With hers, you tie the warp threads to each end and start at one end and weave to the other. To get different lengths of textile, the loom can be adjusted longer or shorter. I had never seen anyone else do card weaving until I came to Portland.

  5. Leigh, Yes, I've seen the long table models. You can use pretty much any inkle loom (or even a floor loom) hat has enough space for the cards.

    Peg, Well, there is always the Minions doing YMCA....
    I'm kind of liking it. I just park the cards at the beginning position. Of course this is my first time out some I'm doing a very simple pattern.

    LA, Well Happy is wonderful and I jumped to that one too after I finished posting.

    Susan, Yes, everything has it's own lexicon. Band weaving is pretty darn easy to get started. You don't need cards, just a little time and some colored string......

  6. That tape loom is beautiful but I don't understand why there is not a front or breast beam. How are you supposed to tension it?

  7. Tobie, you hold it in one hand lifting up or down for the shed and providing the tension or you can clip it to a backstrap set up.