Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Birthday Books

So, all I asked of Gene for my birthday was some new weaving library assets. I adore Swedish and Finnish weaving books and it makes no difference that I can't read a word of the language, the drafts are, for the most part, universal. So it was on birthday morning there was a big box of books of all my favorite titles! I may not use many of the drafts from any of them and many are similar, but the hours of inspiration they provide is priceless. I love the simplicity of many and the riot of color combinations of others. And then of course there was this confusing draft treading sequence.

 I got to ponder it while I walked about on birthday evening with sled dog wannabe Robin.


Highway 66 at driveway head

  It was quite a storm but nothing compared to what the east coast is getting or has gotten. Stay safe you guys!

Dear friend Cindie surprised me with a package of birthday goodies and the most beautiful dragonfly card, which is on the mantel, enjoyed every day. But look at the bag she sent. How perfect is that!

 It was stuffed with Jack Russell note pads and a cute dog pin, none of which was handy when I was snapping mug shots of the bag. Thank you Cindie, so, so much. That bag got a couple of compliments on it's first outing I might add.

I have long wanted to listen to books, I know most of you are WAY ahead of me on that front but I can't stand anything in my ears. So this nifty little speaker/phone set up was procured, I signed up to Audible and we're on our way.

 It's lovely for sewing and weaving where I need to keep my eyes on the work but want something other than background music to entertain me.

There has been a fair amount of weaving going on. The Saori loom got another band warp on, I had to come up with a raddle solution and this is what worked.

 Gene cut one of my long warping sticks into 5" pieces and the warp was wound on with them. I even managed an itty bitty set of lease sticks.

Saori gets a lot of things right and I appreciate their whole inclusive methodology, BUT geez, I don't really want to spend $400. plus on a set up to thread and wind on when really, lease sticks and raddle will do. I just don't do front to back threading and sleying. Did you guys notice the tablet/card weaving titles in the book booty?

Fiona is up and weaving and is the same threading as just about every Swedish Rosepath in my new books, so I've got 4 yards of play time ahead.

I wasn't going to make more Patricia Rose garments but the deer fabric cried out for it and there was just a small amount available. Plus the pink goes to orchid and this curated last summer mod flower fabric had just the right color.

The front bodice of this pattern provides for small interesting showcase fabrics. I had one waiting in the bucket too, this one sleeveless.

It makes a very nice summer top, shortened and with bias bound arm holes.

I had so little of this tomato fabric I couldn't even coax binding out of what was left.

My Mother who doesn't shop anymore ( but she still likes to lunch!), wanted me to buy something from her for my birthday, so I ordered a heap of sale linen in summer weights and colors from

 You can hold your items at sale price for a few days and since different things are on sale veery day you can get a pretty good variety at good prices.

So, that brings us to this posts song. I'm in love all over again with this. How about you?

Parting shot: Oh dear! How does this happen? Makes bed head seem so much less catastrophic huh?


LA said...

Bed head--bed's always something, eh? The deer fabric worked great with your flower fabric!!! Your birthday books will be enjoyed for many years!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like the book haul was fantastic. I too love any Scandinavian books about weaving - they are all interesting. The mini warping sticks and the comb raddle are perfect for your new loom - they work and get the job done.

Bed mouth - poor kid!

Peg Cherre said...

Looks like you had a GREAT birthday! Can't wait to see what you create with all that inspiration.

I listen to audio books borrowed through the library on an old-fashioned boom box, and to podcasts via Sonos speakers. Both work great.

Mary said...

Happy Birthday to you-what a nice collection of books and linen. yummmmmmm

Michelle said...

So glad you finally got SNOW! Sounds like you are being diligent on the daily exercise; are all the changes helping your numbers?

Susan said...

I love it when I get to pick out my own birthday presents - they are never wrong! Hope you had a wonderful day. Such beautiful things coming off those looms. That last shot is a hoot!

Theresa said...

Susan, Me, too! The day was good. I myself had no bed lip to contend with.

Michelle, Numbers better, but snow does make the walking a bit more boring and slippery. Thank you for the awesome card.

Mary, Thank you!

Peg, it was pretty darn good all in all. I have an old boom box although the library here is a real pain to get to.

Martha, Thank you for the b-day wishes. I hope to find something a bit better than that comb but who knows.

LA, LOL, yep it's always something! I loved that deer fabric when I saw it on etsy, and only a yard to be had.
I still have the single large fawn. Look for him on something else.