Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Planning of the Warps

The last loom with a gift warp on it has been cleared! Sunday Nick gave up his finished warp and as a reward, I cut three of his apron ties in the process of removing it.

Jack photo bombs most pics, have you noticed?
 HEADSLAP! The nice folks at Macomber are sending out the waxed linen cord so I can fix Nick up and get him on the road to another warping adventure. But now I have three empty looms and so many choices. The Gem might get another scarf and I was so impressed with the dimity pattern I'm thinking of doing something with it for runners/placemats/towels on Nora the 32" Mac.  Nick the bigger Mac might get some towels in with fancy rose path designs. I have the treadles available on him. Time and resources will tell.

We had a great Thanksgiving, lots of food, football and family. And all at once! My Black Friday was spent doing a little grocery shopping for my Mom and myself and then I beat feet back to the mountain. It's been very cold at night, down to single digits. The horses and goats are doing well with it. The new hay is nice and sweet and nourishing. The winter coats heavy and warm. The heated buckets and tanks keeping everything drinkable. The single feral cat has made herself a safe warm spot in the new hay stack. She allows me now to pick her up and of course gets underfoot purring and bumping my legs when I bring her breakfast. I'm convinced she chased off her sister. I think it would have worked out better if we had been given one of each sex instead of three females. Oh well, at least we have one able mouser and it seems she is doing a fine job.

There was a little production out of the sewing salon. This is a modified Folkwear Middy Blouse.

Lengthened, the collar cut way down to a shawl type, the sleeves gathered into a narrow cuff and all done in a bright lime baby wale corduroy.

Of all the citrus colors I think this is my favorite one.

Last year when my Dad's weaving stuff arrived, he had saved a Mama Bear yarn swift for me. I had bought this for him way back when he started weaving, but along the way he found a collapsible metal swift he liked better.

 I got this one back and I love it. I'm making myself a knitted hat out of some of the yarn I spun during Spinzilla.

 In fact my hat and mitten stash is so pitifully low, it's likely that a few more will be made and I have some great homespun to pick from for them.

This lovely yarn started out as one of the rovings I could spin from Fibermania.

For those of you that can count, yes, I do have a fourth loom. The Murphy loom has been patiently waiting with his prayer flag warp on. I'm just not ready to tackle that.

Jack! AGAIN!!
 I have Charlotte's prayers ready to be woven in and other prayers of course, but am waiting for the quiet time that comes after the holidays for this contemplative weaving. Gene and I did move the Murphy into the house proper. I do it every year, put a loom out in the cold back room and then feel guilty about it. We made room in the main portion of the house and I can weave there easily in the middle of it all. He might even get Christmas lights this year! ;-)

Parting shot: Bundled!
Amigos Smoochie, Robin and Pogo


  1. Theresa, I was wondering how you like your Gem loom, I would love to hear the pros and cons. Been considering one and would love to hear your take on it.

    Jack, is the best photo bomber ever! Pets for all!

  2. You'd better be careful.....Macomber will want that first picture to use for advertising!!! I love that Jack makes his way into the pictures! I'm so glad you are enjoying finding unique ways to use your 8/4...I think it is so versatile.

  3. Your life is so full of color and fiber. I miss you.

  4. What an adorable pile of pups! I love that you make your looks comfy, cozy, and useful for the winter. :)

  5. I always love your closing images.. such a sweet bunch of cuties.

  6. Martha, I sent you a note privately with details, but for anyone else reading, I love my little Gilmore Gem! And yes, Jack is a consummate Photo bomber.

    LA, So far no word from Macomber, but they were speedy on getting the waxed linen out to me.

    Mary, I miss you too but I'm betting there is a lot of fun stuff going on down there in warm sunny AZ!

    Leigh, Yep, they are especially cute when they sleep, when all 8 get active, not so much. ;-) I only do comfy clothes these days but I those pastels are hard to keep fresh looking, esp with 8 sets of often muddy little paws.....

    Hilary, Thank you. I find the gang of 8 endlessly entertaining even if my pics aren't always so.

  7. Congratulations on finishing all of your projects! Now, the choices, the choices, with all of those empty looms :-) Dreaming of projects is half the fun, isn't it? Enjoy your lovely handspun yarn.