Tuesday, December 22, 2015

He Rides Again!

We just had to get the plow Jeep fixed.  It took a new rebuilt carb ( the Jeep is a 1973 model) and about two hours work. Runs better than it has for years. So far it looks like it will be a "normal" year moisture wise and maybe a bit better. It remains to be seen how much effect on the building of a snow pack the El Nino might have in our area. The higher Cascades though, they are getting some pretty good amounts, those measured in feet, as these storms pass through.
While Gene was plowing on a day when it was heavy and wet and the temps where just above freezing, this picture was taken the day before.

We live for these days. Bright, cold and sunny with impossibly blue skies. Our trees still shingled in snow.

This is our road, finally well groomed by ODOT.

And of course, sunny skies meant the squirrels were out ! How dare those squirrels venture out into our back yard. The NERVE of them!

My Dad requested a tote, so I obliged with one that was a bit more manly than my usual diet of bright zebras, big flowers or geometric bees.

 This one is a heavy natural linen and printed linen. I did have some fun with the inside though. Cars!

The "girls" come every late afternoon. They hang in the driveway until I see them. That's pretty quick because I am usually alerted right away to their presence by the gang of 8. I call them and spread a bit of seed around.

 I know some will disagree but wild turkeys are simply not very pretty from the neck up. They look more like vultures without the attitude. I want to make them little hoods....

The dimity warp using 8/4 cotton rug warp is done. This was actually a mix of sizes but it all worked out and I divested myself of some unloved spools.

Actually, it was fun to weave and I might have to order some more 8/4. It's inexpensive, comes in lots of colors, sturdy and likely absorbent. These are all runners though. I gave each a fabric binding. The grey blue ( love the tracking on this one, heavier 8/4 weft maybe),

 is in the downstairs bathroom on the chest in there, the white one on my dresser and there is a green one, finished with a deep binding of dark green linen,  on the storage buffet in our upstairs bath.

Another warp is in process for Nora the 4S/6T Mac.

 This one will be a study warp. I want to practice rose path inlay, boutonne and try making paper flowers to weave into the warp. Susan Johnson at Avalanche Looms is my inspiration for some of this. Her work is amazing.  I set it up like a towel warp, so that if something actually turns out well, I can use it! It's 15" wide, 24 epi and will have a rose path threading.  With luck I'll get this on Nora before Christmas and start working on warps for Nick and the Gem.

Now if I don't get another post up, I want to wish everyone a very Happy Holiday, spent in whatever way pleases you and in abundance!  NORAD is tracking Santa again this year. Their 60th time doing it! You might catch him on the Marshall Islands before they disappear...

Parting shot: Don't worry Robin, Santa has you on his list even if you are a noisy little sot.
ass hat ears.....


Judy said...

I like your runners and that's a creative idea to bind them with fabric! Did you make the quilt that they are resting on? I love seeing the snow, it adds a wonderful brightness to the day :-)
Merry Christmas to you and your family and best wishes on a happy and healthy 2016!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to the entire gang at your house - except for the squirrels!

Cindie said...

You had sun???? I can't remember the last time I saw sun. It's been raining pitchforks and shovels just to the west and lower in elevation from you - no sun, just clouds and fog.

LA said...

I think Robin is a very handsome JR! And, as you well know, squirrels are the arch enemies of the JR clan! LOL! Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

Mary said...

All these photos are a feast for the eyes. A Merry Christmas to you and Gene, and all the special critters.

Peg Cherre said...

The snow pictures are really beautiful. We're having rain, rain, rain. Boo for Christmas!

Ass hat ears - that's a new phrase for me, although I do see what you mean.

Off to the last of this round of puppy classes with Jack.

Merry, Merry!

Michelle said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Theresa! Thank-you for making my year merry!!!

Theresa said...

Michelle, Glad to help. You have had a challenging year!

Peg, when he is nice instead of naughty we refer to those terribly incorrect ears as his "pork pie" hat. If I could I would send some of the white stuff your way. Pets to Jack!

Mary, Same to you and Ross and the Nick's both large and small.

LA, Yes it it is true, squirrels are the bane of every terriers existence and are surly killed a thousand times over from the windows....

Cindie, We did indeed and it was lovely. And then the wet muck moved back in.

Martha, LOL, Hey, squirrels gotta make a living too! ;-) We'll do an extra round of treats in your honor for Christmas, two for Jack!

Judy, I love binding them like that, it adds some interest to everyday items, is a bit less bulky and uses up some pretty fabric scraps. The quilt was made by a friend for her shop as a sample. Given to me when the fabrics are no longer available. I love it, one of my favorites.

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

The snow is beautiful... we don't even have a flake and this far north?
The gang is on guard, no robber squirrels in your neighbourhood if they had their way.
Love the tote and the weaving. I used to weave years ago but when I moved into my smaller home the loom was just to big. How I miss that calming thump, thump of the bar. Knitting and the noise of the needles clicking has had to suffice.
Wishing you the Merriest Christmas and the very best for 2016 Hun...
Susan x

Leigh said...

I love the three tails in the window! Such an eager gang. And the bag is fantastic. You always take such care with details and what a difference it makes.

I hope you all have a cozy and Merry Christmas.