Sunday, December 13, 2015

Seasonal Whitewash

It's enough to make you hum holiday songs!  Do you think Gene is humming while he loads Rube the boiler up?

 I'm not sure. But I was humming for him! ;-) My contribution to the heating efforts.

Our plain Jane home cut Christmas tree looks a little sparse during the day,

 but after sunset, watch out. Nothing like some colored lights to make it all look so festive.

 Then, lets add some heavy natural flocking! This is what greets me as I head out for my morning feeding. It is comforting to see from the barn too. Yep, it IS beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

The weaving colors mimic the outside colors.

 Cool greys, greens, white and blues.

 This warp is already woven and in the laundry waiting to be washed. I am again left with three empty looms and lots of ideas!

LA had wanted pics of the yak/silk blend I mentioned last post. Here you go!

The stuff is heavenly to spin but requires a bit of concentration. The yak fibers are short, the silk ones longer.

 I am using an inch worm draw and a lot of spin without much uptake on the wheel. You don't have to do hardly any drafting of these fibers but I get finer singles if I really split it down to less than pencil roving strands to spin. Slower but prolonging the joy of handling this lovely stuff is fine by me. It is very shiny and lustrous. I'm smitten and I will be ordering more of this to both weave and knit. What better way to spend the early morning; catching up on news, having some coffee and spinning.

 And lets not forget the company of pillow pets........

There hasn't been much to show in the sewing room. The coat has sleeves and pockets.  In fact, the sleeves are a little long and I am at a stand still while I decide to leave them or cut and re-hem them. The double layered felted wool is thick and challenging to work with but it will be such a nice warm coat when done.

Most of the friend gifts have been distributed. Santa's Subaru should get some sleigh bells for the next holiday run I think.

Parting shots: Ready! Set! HOWL!

I assure you the 3 tenors they are not!


Peg Cherre said...

We're experiencing very unusual warmth, so it's nice to see your snow.

With all your sewing I have a question for you...I have 2 pieces of handwoven yardage. 1 only 48", the other almost 4 yards. I want to make a vest for sure, but one without lots of pieces and darts, and I think it'd look great with 1 piece from front to mid back based on the gradations in the fabric. Got a pattern you'd recommend? I'm not one to sew without a pattern.

Sharon said...

Your tree is lovely and I get why it's not in the house. I would miss visiting my ornaments though so for now it's a house tree :)

Cindie said...

Love the tree - so pretty at night.

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

I love all your pillow pals! What Christmas song are they "singing"!? No snow here. It is warm with temps close to 70 during the day. Awesome weather for Dec.

Michelle said...

Beautiful tree and loom project, and great photos of the nappers and howlers!

Anonymous said...

They are the famous Terrier Tenors, back by popular demand. Your Christmas tree is perfect!

Hilary said...

No snow the 50's. It's weird, I tell ya.
FIVE pups???
you crazy wonderful person.

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

Well the snow has put the doggies in the Christmas spirit.
We don't have a single flake here and imagine this far north up in Canada!
Love the colours you had on the loom. So soft and perfect January colours when the pace has slowed and hibernation sets in.
Susan x

LA said...

I can almost feel the softness of your spun yarn! Now: weaving or knitting??? Either will produce a heavenly item! What do you do to get the "Tenors" to start singing????