Tuesday, December 15, 2015


It's been no secret the snow has been pretty much absent from our mountain for a good 3 years, so forgive us for reading those watches and warnings with a bit of skepticism. And the snow level predictions were all over the map. We sit at just about 4100 feet above sea level. None of us gets too excited when they put the snow level around 4000 or 4500, although, we do have to drive up over the summit to reach town. Needless to say, their prediction of 1-2 feet and higher totals locally (whatever that means....), came true in epic fashion.

 There's just about 3 feet out there. Gene's little Jeep plow isn't running. In fact it hasn't been running for quite a while and with snow-less winters there was no great push to plunk out the cash for a new carburetor to make it run. It doesn't matter, it couldn't have handled this heavy stuff anyway.

  Joe brought his big tractor rig over to clear the main driveway out. He did a swipe by the barn too but it is all too big to maneuver around the tighter turns and drives around the building.

 We are happy for the snow pack though and fingers crossed this is not going to be another one and done winter as far as snow is concerned. We did lose power for most of yesterday and internet. The power on Soda Mountain went out and that caused all computer stuff to stop. We survived. Having a 10K watt generator helps. The power company was fixing broken lines well into the night, one right by our driveway. It was eerie to see the trees lit by their yellow hazard lights late last night. But this morning, like magic, the power is on, the generator silent and the internet is working. There is a still a crap load of snow out there though....

The turkeys are having a hard time. I'm sure all the wildlife is. There are critters out there right now who haven't seen a big snow in their lifetime. But back to the wildlife I can see....

Being slightly soft of heart (and head), I decided the poor things needed more seed. I suspect I now have my own flock of wild turkeys. They cluck and and whistle when they see me and they keep their beady little eyes on me in hopes I'll pull some seed out of the can. Oh gobble gobble!

Parting shot: Snug and safe together.


  1. I am so glad you're getting the snow, but it IS sad to think of the struggling creatures.

  2. Hah! Ours has melted now - guess yours won't for a while......

  3. I've been watching your weather for a while, knowing you've had drought problems from lack of snow. So - celebrate! and let it snow let it show.

    I love your turkeys. I must be soft in the head/heart as well, as I've been keeping a couple of shallow plates of water in my living room and under the dining table, for a couple wayward newts. They'll dry up without it...but I can't catch the fast little buggers!

  4. That snowfall should really help with the snow pack! I'm glad your power is back on, and that you're snug and warm on your ridge.

  5. It is cold here, for the desert. We are keeping water running at night, and covering the tips of cacti with paper hats. 25F is the forecast for tonight. Your snow is lovely and I'm glad you are feeding the turkeys.

  6. Wow! That's snow to make up for those years without and then some! I'd be feeding the turkeys too it it was me. Yesterday I heard at the library that they're predicting 10 inches for us in January. That's an amazing amount for this part of the country (if it all comes at once). In the meantime, we're enjoying upper 60s and low 70s. The coldest months are yet to come!

  7. I saw this storm on the International news. It is so important for the snow to come, to melt in the Spring to feed the rivers and streams.
    Not everyone can say they have their own flock of wild turkeys. We had one a few years ago hanging out in the backyard but I think he got wise to the neighbours eyeing him for the pot.
    The Jacks seem oblivious to the whole affair.
    Stay safe and warm.
    Susan x

  8. The snow looks beautiful! I know it doesn't always feel that way, so enjoy it while you can. I hope for you that it lasts and lasts and more falls during the winter.

  9. As pretty as that looks, I'm just as glad not to have any here yet. Thank you for always looking out for the critters in need. You're a gem.

  10. Hilary, You'll get yours no doubt sometime soon.

    Peg, We SO need that snow pack. Looks like 3-6 more feet in the higher terrain this next storm.

    Susan, These are all hens as far as I can tell. I wouldn't be surprised if they kick the toms out of the group to winter over. The jacks can be caught many an afternoon barking at turkeys and squirrels. Mornings are for the batty sleep. ;-)

    Leigh I wish it did make up for the dry years but sadly even if it snowed like this all winter it wouldn't.

    Mary, Are you still knitting? Stay warm 25 is pretty cold anywhere and especially when you're not use to it.

    LA, Thank you! We're happy too about the power. Makes enjoying all the beauty of that while wonderland MUCH more enjoyable.

    Coco, How cute, a newt spa!

    Cindie, Lucky you.

    Michelle, okay I have even worried about my resident Raccoon raider. I have left the bird feeder out overnight every night just in case she makes it out and needs a boost of fat calories. The fox has been coming around sporadically as able.

  11. Oh boy, did you ever get dumped on! I'm glad you're feeding the turkeys. At least they will have water to drink come spring and eating should be good too.

  12. Judging by the storm and flooding warnings lining up one after the other here on the coast, you will probably be getting more than one day of snow! We are hunkering down here. Today we were treated to 70 mph wind gusts. Many trees down and flood warnings for Wednesday. Gear up! Wishing you and yours a very warm and happy holiday season!