Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Most Interesting Icicles in the World

I don't always take pictures of icicles, but when I do.......
We had a serious melt a number of days ago and then come Christmas the temps dropped and they have stayed pretty darn cold.

These beauties look like rows of sharks teeth.

I can finally show the things that were made this year for friends and family.


The dark blue one stayed here because it seemed I made every single treadling error in this high contrast case. Sheesh!


This was the fun huck run. Same threading and sleying, different treadling order yielded different results, all pretty.

Dimity Scarf and with the extra length, a lovely cowl!

  Gosh, I wanted to keep that! ;-) These were done in a merino, some of it super wash I think. In any event they hand washed beautifully,plumped up and became oh so soft and drapey. Terrible pics.

Placemats in overshot!

Finished with linen binding. There were two each color and went to an empty nester couple and a couple just starting out.

Linen Bread Bags!

 Yes, I made bags. Heavy natural linen lined with a finely woven handkerchief linen. These are great for keeping fresh bread crusty for quick use. After that, you are on your own. I slip a plastic bag over my bread and then slip it into the bag since it looks much prettier. One of the test bags is being used for a sweet little pillow in the guest room.

A hat went out done in handspun from Spinzilla and a beautiful knitted cowl in a deep heather purple.
Sadly, no pics.

Up in the sewing salon, things are pretty quiet although I did manage to get some items cut out. I need get that wool coat done and reorganize my space. Sounds like the perfect New Year's Day project to me. And I might just participate in a flash the stash or looms. We'll see.

The weaving studio has seen it's fair share of action. Both Nick and Nora have cotton warps beamed on and waiting for threading.

Nick has an all white warp of 10/2 cotton for some fancy schmancy towels. They are the Quilt Block towels from the Best of Handwoven-Top 10 Towels on Eight Shafts. These are a block weave with a profile draft so likely it will be a slow slog threading these.

The girls come just about every day.

 They stay, eat, quibble and then like feathered wraiths, they disappear into the cold gathering darkness to their roosting spots.

If we stay out to listen in 15 minutes time +/- we can hear them softly calling as they settle up in the trees.

Parting shot: Dog contemplates loom.
This loom is for sale if anyone is interested. The dog stays.


Michelle said...

But I want the dog! ;-) (Not really; three is more than plenty here, especially since the newest addition is noisy and makes Jackson noisier.) Lots of beautiful creations there!

Donna W said...

You have created some beautiful items. Wonder what dog was thinking or contemplating as he sat staring at the loom.

Anonymous said...

Surely wish we lived close to each other, that wonderful Murphy would be coming to live in my studio (she could keep me company while I search for a Macomber). Love all the weaving you have been accomplishing. Those pillow cases are to die for - one of these days I am going to have to buckle down and weave some for myself.

Theresa said...

Michelle, Well you can't have the dog! ;-) Besides he's quite the barker....SQUIRREL!

Donna W, Thank you! Spike was likely contemplating if there might be a Cheeto dropped under the treadles.

Martha, ME too! You know I go back and forth on selling this loom. For prayer flags it would be nice to just have a used little Harrisville direct tie 4/4 but if the Murphy doesn't sell it will just stay here and I won't be sad about it. :-) Woven pillowcases are divine.

Yvonne said...

Your work is always inspiring! And thanks for sharing the icicle pics! I'm longing for snow up here in Bellingham WA (just south of Vancouver B.C.)

I think those turkeys would look better in lovely lace cowls. . .

Diane in Oregon said...

Nice collection of gift weaving! I love the pillowcases - I have them on my list for 2016, maybe. *AND* the quilt block towels, but that will be after I recover from the Pine Tree runners - I want a one-shuttle-easy-treadle-sequence weave next. Probably bumberet towels.

And I love the sound the turkeys make when they fly up to roost.

Coco said...

Your weaving is so pretty. And gosh, what a lot of time you must have put into each piece. Loving your turkettes and icicles...

Happy New Year!

LA said...

I have always wanted to do those quilt block towels! Looking forward to seeing yours! Happy New Year!

R.L. Delight said...

Love all the handwoven gifts! Those icicles look beautifully vicious. Just wanted to thank you for posting my loom for sale on Ravelry. I did have someone interested, from Medford. However, Santa was generous to him this year so he understandably decided to go with a refurbished dobby. She gets remodeled on New Years day. Thanks again! Love your blog posts, as always. -Renee

Hilary said...

Beautiful work!

Your opening line, along with the post title made me laugh. :)

Peg Cherre said...

1 more person saying beautiful pics, beautiful gifts. And I thought I was busy this season - HAH!

Maggie said...

The floor in your weaving room looks suspiciously clean. Are you sure you did all that weaving yourself? Lovely stuff made!

Mary said...

What a beautiful photo essay Theresa. Your weaving is so pretty, and the photos of your looms, icicles, turkeys and dog were fun. Have a great New Years Eve, and enjoy the game. Who is playing on your set? I have a ride planned and then working on a pants pattern draft.

Judi Pinkham said...

Thank you for letting us visit...just beautiful. Happy New Year!!!