Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Two Down. One to Go.

Two looms are empty of their warps and that means the gift pile is growing. I wove the scarf warp
off the Gilmore Gem Saturday and the items went right from loom to sewing room for finishing. By early afternoon everything had been wet finished and was drying. By evening the days work was in the gift pile awaiting wrapping day.

Gene and I took a break from our respective tasks Saturday afternoon and worked on the graves sites of the dogs we've lost through the years.

 Charlotte had gotten a new memorial pole (foreground), when we buried her and all the other dogs sites needed updating.

 The tree that came down last year had disturbed the area near Bea and Peter's graves, so that was cleaned up. The huge stump still needs to be pulled out, but it was nice to renew everything and visit with, if not the spirits,

 certainly some treasured memories.

Sunday, I folded Nora up and did some weaving in the family room watching football.

 I didn't get as much done as I would have liked but I did enjoy the football games. Of course I had an audience beckoning from the comfy chair.

 Nora made her way easily back to the loom studio. Yesterday we divested her of her warp

 and the towels have been washed/dried and are awaiting cutting, serging, hemming and a good press. I will fit it in today between Thanksgiving Day prep and cleaning.

It was a fun Friday though. I had been stalking around Ravelry for a used blending board, barring that I was going to put one on my Christmas list. And then an ad came through our local spinners and weavers housecleaning group. A blending board used only two times and at a good savings. I pounced on it and met the gal in downtown Ashland for the hand off.

  Then it was onto Medford and the annual Clayfolk sale at the armory. My Dad and I browsed the booths. He showed great restraint but I succumbed to some wonderful and useful pieces.

Dogwoods always have a special place in my heart and this bowl is particularly beautiful.

Pottery sugar skull! The perfect adornment for my spinning wheel!

Deep dish pie plate. I have yet to find one with blackbirds on it. ;-)

 The last piece was a well priced yarn bowl and it can be seen in the pic of Robin and Stella on my side table. Afterwards we picked up Mom and all headed out for a nice dinner.

Sewing has been at a standstill while I finish gifts and that's all good. I needed a break and have been using some of the time for spinning and getting to know my blending board. Here is the first rolag.

Not very good, but it was fun and I can only improve. Santa may not have a blending board on his list, but I'm betting he'll have some specific fibers on it!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Go forth and eat lots of turkey, hug family and friends and count those blessings.

Parting shot: The tribe of two.


  1. After reading about all your accomplishments I feel a little guilty...I've not been very productive, I fear. I have lots of gifts on my list to make; some will be quick (at least I hope they will), some not so much. Better get off the internet and on the loom!

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, 2 and 4 legs alike.

  2. Congratulations on finding your blending board so close to home! I think you'll have lots of fun blending your own colorways. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Theresa, I really love the markers you have for your pets. Sounds like you have been a busy bee and are accomplishing much! Hugs for Stella and Robin and of course my dear Jack.

  4. Oh you bought those markers for the family graves - how wonderful. I've been thinking about making one, not as a grave marker, but just something fun for the yard at the beach.

  5. I like that hummingbird pie plate!

    And those memorial posts for your pooches are just beautiful. Did you make them?

  6. Hilary, Isn't that pie plate pretty? I did not make the poles, they are made by Studio M:

    Cindie, They also have a cat memorial one and a whole bunch others, but these two designs fit our purpose.

    Martha, They are wonderful and pretty. The designs make me smile rather than bring sadness when I look at them, A good thing. Multiple hugs happily delivered!

    LA, I already have had some fun with it. It was a good purchase even though I think they are rather expensive in general

    Peg, You do what I never could buckle down and do, weave professionally and I'm betting you get it all done. I started the pillowcase warp MONTHS ago.