Friday, November 20, 2015

Roll in the Winter Scenes Please!

Sometimes it is truly like a movie set change here, the season moves in so quickly. We barely had a week of frost and a light dusting of snow before this on Sunday into Monday.

Ten inches or so total and gone by Thursday. I didn't bother with the Mud scenes. I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunity in the coming months. But we'll happily take the moisture in any form.

And on set one of my favorite little locals has arrived. A Chestnut Backed Chickadee.

They will stay at our feeder throughout the winter, outnumbered 2 to 1 by the more common Mountain Chickadee.

And yes, our resident grey foxes still come for their nightly eggs. They are quick moving but I got this shot last week.

The second egg disappeared about 10 minutes later.

It appears that I am not doing a whole heck of a lot but really, I am. Weaving stuff I can't show, same with knitting and sewing. I will give you a peek at one gift because I doubt the recipient will be reading this blog and even if they do, they won't realize it's for them.

My new favorite weave structure, Dimity. You can bet this will show up again in more scarves and also towels. This scarf is in hand dyed super wash merino mixed with solid colors of the same. The solids are Louet Gems Fingering and I used that for the weft also in a navy. It's everything a winter scarf should be, soft, warm and easy care. The leftovers might make an appearance as cowls. We'll see.

I started in on spinning some of the booty from the FiberMania haul. I was stunned to find out the lovely alpaca and silk roving made my hands break out and itch. I don't know if it was the way the fiber was dehaired (or not), or the fiber itself but I passed it along to someone who loves alpaca. I cleared my bobbin and went to work on this merino/bamboo/silk blend.  Ah, much better!

 This looks suspiciously like Seattle Seahawk colors,  but be assured, I am still and will always be a New England Patriot fan!

One fun make made it out of the sewing room. You can't beat The Sewing Workshop's Zigzag top for a snug winter wearable.

 I did the collar and front yoke (all one piece) in a scrap of light blue baby wale corduroy.

The blouse itself is a lightweight cotton canvas. I lengthened the pattern and added side seam pockets. The selvage edge was just too cute not to use it somewhere.

 The pattern name is after all "Animal Runway".

I may very well have found my holiday book already this year.

I snatched this one up when I saw it, wondering why anyone would have let it go to the used bookstore in the first place! Sweet and sentimental.

The story and illustrations are a perfect pairing.

Parting shot: In the lap of luxury! ;-)
Hazel Rose


  1. The Dimity weave is beautiful-and the spinning pic is so pretty. I love the selvage edge with the animal runway. Here we have "cold" nights (35 a few days ago) and really pleasant day temps. Such a change from the brisk northern winter.

  2. I didn't realize you got that much snow out of that storm - here in the lower elevation just some rain.

  3. Hazel Rose I think you have been taking smiling lessons from Jack! Love the new scarf, I will have to take a look at that draft it looks very interesting.

    Love the snow pictures, we are due for some white stuff tonight - I can hardly wait.

  4. Love the dimity scarf - I have a draft waiting in my "to weave" folder for towels, but may rethink it!

    No snow up here yet, though this weekend they say it'll get down to 1000' - we're around 600.

  5. It arrived yesterday; such bounty!!! I'm guessing you made the dark breeches? I told Brian you are an expert seamstress. He really got a kick out of the fringed ones, and the brown full-seat ones are gorgeous; both fit well. Thank-you, thank-you!!!

  6. Awesome snow!! I hope some of that wonderful white stuff heads our way. It is rather neat to watch the birds coming each season and to see if there are any new ones. Sorry about the alpaca, I've had similar problems. Lovely, lovely scarf for a lucky someone!

  7. Judy, Hope you got some because the warm temps and rain melted all of ours! I'm glad I'm not the only one that has had trouble with alpaca.

    Michelle, Enjoy!

    Diane, I think we have the same pattern to use, but I saw another draft yesterday in "Interlaced" by the Boston Weaver's Guild. As soon as the holiday rush is over I'm getting my Dad's copy of the book and going to town.

    Martha, Thank you. I love the dimity too and see so much possibility with it. Hazel Rose does indeed share some traits with Jack, the undershot bite is one, and long legs and an active mind is another, but I don't think I've ever know a terrier that wasn't "busy".

    Cindie, Yep! :-)

    Mary, Dimity is going on permanent rotation I think! Oh that selvage is so much fun. I saved a lot of scraps of that fabric just to keep those animals available as embellishments as needed. e're headed for our first truly cold snap this weekend.

  8. Theresa, reading your blog instantly makes me want to pick up and move to the beautiful mountains of Oregon. I would never miss the summer heat and humidity of VA. And...I would have land, fabric stores, more fiber equipment, festivals and fiber availability. And snow in November.

  9. We used to read that story at the beginning of each school was fun to see some of the kids touch their palm to their cheek during the day....just needed a little reassurance. I'm delighted with the fox picture (and story.) It's been years since I've seen a fox.

  10. Yikes, that's a lot of snow for November. How nice to finally get some moisture. I just saw that you have a visitor from Bend Oregon and my heart skipped a beat. It's true - I'm a fellow Oregonian!

  11. Oh my, you have real live winter going on there! Nice weather for staying indoors and fibernating. We're just expecting our first hard freeze tonight.

  12. Oh the face in your parting shot.. how cute is that!

    The book looks like a fine choice. You know (I think) how very much I love raccoons.

    Handmade gifts are the absolute best. I hope all of your recipients understand and appreciate the love that goes into them.

  13. Hilary, I love to receive handmade things and I'm thinking most of the treasured family and friends I create for feel the same. We have reached an agreement with the resident raccoons. I leave bird seed out for them ( and the occasional wandering skunk) and they stay out of my tack room where there is nothing available anyway.

    Leigh, Good to see you pop over! Yes, winter has begun and fingers crossed we build up some much needed snow pack this year. Either way, lots of fibernating

  14. Sharon, yes, you are an official Oregonian!