Thursday, November 12, 2015

Loading Up on Fiber

Probably not the kind of fiber you think! Last Saturday morning I drove up to Grants Pass to do a little browsing at FiberMania. I hadn't been since the first year they launched it and it is fun, but I have to say I was a little disappointed. The first one, while smaller had a greater variety of goods. Granted, this is an Alpaca event, but I missed seeing the animals and I missed seeing a good variety of other fibers available. I'm kicking myself even more for not jumping on some beautiful local angora yarns and blended fibers I saw at the first show. There were much less interesting knitted items, lots of the commercially done Alpaca socks and gloves (every booth had them and they were all the same) and much less hand dyed roving and yarn. But there were bright spots! Eugene Textile Center sets up a pretty big booth with all sorts of fun stuff. I tried a few spinning wheels they had ready to go and bought a multicolored braid of 50/50 merino/silk. While I was there one lucky wife was getting a first spinning wheel as a gift from her husband. An Ashford Joy! Perfect.

 I did find some wonderful things along the way with a little digging. The three natural colored balls of roving are Alpaca and silk. The white ball is cashmere and silk, the blue and green braid is BFL/Bamboo/Silk. I will have some fun stuff to spin this coming winter that's for sure.

My weaving studio is looking quite perfect.

 Both looms are up and weaving. Here is a peek at one of the towels on Nora.

Hot pink and bright orange!

The Gilmore Gem has been cleared of it's overshot warp (gifts sorry), and warped up for a scarf. I have not done a scarf in years! Gosh it was fast and easy from measuring to warping and threading.
There are certainly more planned and some with my handspun.

We had our first snow.

It didn't last long but I'm hoping we will have a healthy snow pack this year. Fingers crossed. The boys enjoy the colder weather. Their coats are getting dense and the bugs are gone. I've even caught them running and playing. Here they are begging for the carrot pieces I have in my pocket.

Lots of turkeys this year, pecking and scratching in the gardens and under the bird feeders.

Precious little has gone on in the sewing salon. Two makes actually but only one I have pics of. The other got snagged off of Rhonda the mannequin and worn before I snapped pictures. Oops! This one though is a beautiful cotton Japanese double gauze,

 light and surprisingly warm.

One of my favorite fabrics this year although it can be a little difficult to sew. You need a fresh sharp needle to avoid snagging the under layer.

Parting shot: A Hazel Nut bun.


  1. I really love seeing your snow pictures...I just hope it's awhile before we have any of the white stuff around here! You got quite a haul at the fiber festival! I really need to get better acquainted with my wheel!

  2. Those are some nice looking turkeys, they must have had a good summer to get that big. Love the new top, the color and pattern are great. Think I am going to sneak in your loom room and weave a bit on your Macomber - those looms always intrigue me. Hope Jack is feeling better now, poor guy. Pets for the pack!

  3. I can put you in touch with Margie for the angora yarn - let me know if you want her contact info. She was next to me the first year of Fiber Mania so I'm assuming you mean her yarn. She no longer has bunnies, which she raised for decades, but she does have fiber and yarn.......probably for decades to come!

  4. That's EXACTLY the kind of fiber I expected! ;-) Nice finds, too.

  5. Is the hot pink & orange a lace weave? Looks great, whatever weave structure you're using!

  6. Peg, Good eye! The weave is indeed huck lace from the Best of Weaver's series Huck Lace pages 6-9. One threading and tie up and numerous treadling options for a 4/6 loom. I'm very happy with this little looms maiden warp.

    Michelle, I looked for some shetland but didn't find any even in a mix.

    Cindie, I need to catch up with you on that. Enjoy your company and I'll find you next week sometime.

    Martha, We have commented on what a lovely presentation that might make on Thanksgiving, but instead we'll enjoy our little flock on the foot. Over the winter their numbed do get depleted. I find large feather scatters from a kill in winters on a regular basis. Coyotes or bobcats usually but I'm wondering if we'll see wolf tracks out our way too this year. Jack is feeling better and thank you for asking. Treats have been doled out in your name!

    LA, Yep for someone who couldn't find what she wanted it was quite a haul.... ;-)

  7. Those critter faces are all so sweet and connected. Makes me want to reach out and pet them.

  8. First snow! No snow here yet but I know it is coming. I am not looking forward to it as I usually do.
    Great photos of critters! Love the new top!

  9. Hi Theresa... are so productive! I'm guessing spinning has become a regular part of your (busy) routine?
    First snow! We've had flakes in the air, but none have landed yet.
    The horses are looking so handsome.
    When do you get a chance to wear all the tops you make?!

  10. Ah, lovely fiber to spin! What a great assortment you were able to find and I love the soft colors of the braids. Happy spinning! And your weaving project is coming along so well-your studio looks like a welcoming place to create.

  11. Oh! That cotton double gauze looks exquisite. I love the huck lace scarf. Everything looks so cozy and ready for fall. If the bucketfuls of rain we had in the past 24 hours make it across the mountains you will probably have more snow coming your way! Cheers!

  12. Renee, It is! And we are having tons of rain on top of our quickly melting snow.

    Valerie, I have indeed incorporated a little daily spinning. Either at the beginning or at the end. Very relaxing either way.

    Judy, The alpaca has proven to be a problem for me. My hands have gotten red and itchy from spinning it, so I have passed it on and have gone back to the merino blends.