Sunday, November 1, 2015

The New Camp Order

There are always adjustments after losing such a strong personality like Charlotte. Stella is jostling for alpha girl position and has been a little testy with the underlings. It happens every time a dog comes or goes. And of course no matter how crappy we feel, life rushes on. Sunday morning after putting Charlotte to sleep on Saturday, I woke up and Jack had an anal gland that had impacted and infected. That's gotta hurt too. Marigold had another vestibular episode. Good Grief!!! One got started on Clavimox and a light pain killer, the other got bed rest.

 Jack went to the vet that Monday and had it all taken care of. He was not a happy camper especially because he had to wear this on and off for a couple of days.

 But we managed some fun. I know I got a laugh realizing with his collars on (there is an inflatable collar under the soft blue one), it was a stretch to get through the dog door.

We took some long walks too. I ruminated and he sniffed and peed, in equal measures. ;-)
Marigolds troubles are not that easily fixed. Time may help but this is usually a sign of a deep seated brain tumor ( or other neurological issue), a not uncommon occurrence in  aged Golden Retrievers. We can support her but we can't fix this.

There has been time to work on the numerous fiber hobbies. I did a lot of spinning and some weaving.

I'm on the last pillowcase and it's a gift so no pics. But it is pretty and it is being woven in linen. I have also named the new loom. Since the bigger 40" Macomber is Nick, it only made sense to name the new 32" loom Nora. And Nora has her towel warp fully threaded and is awaiting to be sleyed. Maybe today, but then again, football starts awfully early this morning with these silly London games.

I did a little sewing. A Merchant & Mills top 64 in a light canvas and soft baby wale corduroy both in color and in feel.

And made use of the cute fabric selvage too.

The second item to make it out of the sewing room is a modified Folkwear Middy Blouse in linen.

 I drafted the sailor collar way down to a shawl collar.

I could go even smaller and I just might for the next one. And side seam pockets were added. A must have!

The deep purple color is not one I usually have in my wardrobe but I've been warming up to the pinks and purples lately.You will see more of those colors in future makes.

I had promised some pics of the horses. I delivered on Dandy, Mr. Photogenic, but dropped the ball on Cooper. You know, Cooper is a lovely horse, a gentle soul and quite handsome in person, but he takes a lousy picture. I have these to offer and you can see both the kind eye

 and the beautiful ripples of curls coming up.

 I need to do better with him.

Thank you everyone for your shared tears and the kind and thoughtful comments. You have no idea how much it helps, but it does. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Parting shot: My, what funny pillows you have my Dear!


Michelle said...

Yes, life goes on, no matter how impossible it seems. Having other loving souls does help. Hope you are getting a lot of moisture down there in the mountains (like we are here); LOVE that purple!

Coco said...

Loving all these pics. Poor pups! I was wondering the other day if Marigold was still with you or had gone over to be with your folks. And Cooper's curls are so lovely, is this just a winter coat or does he always have them?

Hilary said...

It's odd but understandable how things change for the pets who remain. You're right.. it's always so. I'm sorry you're continuing to deal with health issues for your babies. It's so difficult to see them struggle. Your Cooper looks like a beautiful soul.

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

Sad for the pets that remain and wonder what happen. My Sadie cat searched for a couple of weeks looking for Kit after she died and it took her a year before she would get into Kit's chair. She is all alone now since our dogs are gone too. Sorry about the pets troubles. Life does go on and always something to deal with. Love your new tops!

LA said...

Nick and the loom names! I feel for Jack...that cone is really a pain, but it sure does the job.

Theresa said...

LA, I'm pretty happy with my loom naming. Nora is tied on and ready to weave. Today I'll start. I had the inflatable donut from Robin's toe of woe episodes way back when he was a pup.

Louise, The bonus of multiples is they do have each other in times of change, for good or bad! Some day though it will be very hard for Robin and Stella, they are so bonded. I'm liking the new fall tops too.

Hilary, Jack is back 100% and full of P & V. Thank you for the kind words. We are doing pretty well all in all.

Coco, Thank you for stopping by! Marigold lives with me because the folks are limited as to how many pets they can have. They keep the two kitties with them since they never would have adapted to nine obnoxious terriers. Cooper and Dandy are both Bashkir Curly Horses and the curls vary from horse to horse, Dandy stays curly all year, Cooper sheds down to a slick straight coat.

Michelle, Spoken like someone who loves purple I bet and good thing. ;-) We thankfully are not lacking for loving souls here and that's just the way we like it.

Sharon said...

Nick and Nora - hah! Now you just need an Asta :) You've hit a rough patch with the pets. That's the hard part and I get it. So sorry.

Mary said...

Good morning faraway friend. I am glad the pack is settling into their new positions, and that you are managing all the challenges as well as possible. Wonderful new clothing-and you know I love the purple. :-) Give a carrot or two to the boys for me.