Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Good-Bye Parents, Hello Winter

Doesn't seem like a very fair exchange does it?

Saturday, at 6:20 a.m. my folks boarded their first plane taking them homeward and at 7:00 a.m. winter apparently (that could be a play on words....) moved on in. The rain and sleet and snow started, they got out just in time.

Snow falling on plastic. ;)

 They had the best weather ever I think, almost two full weeks of Indian summer. We are now however, in the final stages of "batten down the hatches" and get it DONE! Gene has been pulling wood from all the places on the property it would be too hard to get to once the mud or snow really hit. We have a bit over half of what we need already cut, split and stacked and more logs just waiting for their turn in the driveway in front of the shed.

 Looks like a pretty normal early November around here. Outdoor boiler Rube is happily smoking away, our own little wood fired Chernobyl!

I missed posting about Gene's big summer project and that was to finish the front porch floor.

 It actually sits over the basement and has always leaked in this area. Gene researched and installed a marine grade epoxy coating and it looks like this one may be a winner.

 It was a LOT of work. Looks pretty cool too as does this sweet little red Aussie grill my Dad donated to the cause.

 We'll get to my Mother's "donations" next post plus some fun new patterns and fabrics!

Finally a consistent routine has been set for feeding. Grain gets fed once a day like always in the morning. It gives me a chance to equalize the NAG bags if needed and gets eyeballs on everyone early. The big daily hay load gets stuffed into the bags anywhere from 2-4 in the afternoon and the goats get their little bit of cob and minerals
then too, in case I  feel the need to lock them up for the night since they trot right into their stall for that all important little treat.

I've gotten my sewing area back into shape and a little output even. I finished up a Liesl & Co Woodland Stroll cape.

 This is a lovely black and white plaid. The wool is soft and warm. The lining was pretty fun too. Look closely, not your average toile.

And yes, progress has been made on the frock coat. Woohoo, two sleeves and everything!

Further construction is waiting for shoulder pads to arrive and then I'll start in on facings and lining. I also need to construct an interior breast pocket. My Dad's one request.

This is a simple "head clearing" project. Two towels is the start of reusable "paper towel roll".

 The idea is to make about 12-12x12" squares, terry on one side, left over cotton on the other and snap them together and form a roll. How cute (and useful!), is that? I loved the idea and who doesn't need some handy recyclable pick-up towels around the house. Terry cloth is hard to find and the cheaper the better. I bought thin bath towels on sale at our local Bi-Mart, much easier than going to the craft store masquerading as a fabric store and 100% cotton.

Parting shot: Snowflake appaloosa.


  1. I'm a little jealous of the snow, I love snow!!!! And the pines, I love the smell of pine in winter.
    I love the Dia de los Muesrtos fabric. I was able to get some in blue.
    Hope you have a warm fire blazing :)

  2. No snow here yet but then being to the west of you and lower elevation is the reason.....

  3. Skullduggery...your weather changed so quickly! Looks so quiet and peaceful. The new porch floor looks like what we call chatahootchee, small pebbles set in epoxy resin.

    So who chops all that wood?!

  4. Coco, That is exactly what it is! Epoxy mixed with pebbles and we're hoping like heck it works. Gene had to do all the pebble washing, epoxy mixing and putting it down (it's like super chunky peanut butter). took forever. Ah, Gene chops all the wood but he has some help. The wood fired boiler takes big pieces and the log splitter makes short ( it's all relative) work of it.

    Cindie, No doubt snow will get to you soon enough...:)

    Rhonda, I love snow too, not so fond of this wet type early winter ( and late spring) application, but soon enough we'll see the temps really drop and the white really rise!

  5. It's hard to believe that it's time for the snow to fly again! It is so pretty....but, I'm glad it is at your house and not mine! I just knew you'd have a sewing project to show. Love the little cape....that would look good with handwoven fabric.

  6. I've had a couple of dustings, but no accumulation. This is good, as I'm not ready. I have bird housing to juggle and garden to monitor (I'm going to grow stuff this winter - really), and general maintenance to get done before winter really sets in. Love the idea of the resusable towel roll. How will you mount it?

  7. I seem to recall that you live up hill in the nosebleed section so would catch the flakes before every one else. Still, seems early doesn't it? (or is that us just being late ?)

    I don't like the getting dark early.... might just borrow your headlamp idea!

  8. Snow already! We are supposed to get snow this year on the beach too. I love the cozy feeling of getting things battened down and reading about your progress gives me the same cozy feeling. I like the reusable paper towels. I saw them elsewhere a while ago but forgot about them so thank you for reminding me. I think I will hit the thrift store for the terry cloth.

  9. I think I could just wander your world and be content- beautiful animals, scenery, textiles and such....

  10. It is amazing what a thousand feet can do to your weather compared to the valley floor!

  11. I love your blog!!!! One day I read it all the way back to January...totally absorbed as if I was reading a book, and it made me feel like I'd been on vacation. What got my attention in the beginning was the Bold and Beautiful top you made...I have that book...love the clothes and I'm making the "simple tunic". Everything you make is sewn impeccably!!!! I especially love the little tabs or whatever you call them that you put on the backs. I'm trying to figure out if you iron them on or sew around them or both. Regardless, they just add something special and I'm having fun looking for something I can use for the back of my top. Thank you so much for blogging!!!

  12. I can't believe your snow! I am sure we will get some soon too, but I wish autumn would stay around. I love your goat story and all your new creations.