Sunday, October 27, 2013

Way Behind the Curve

I'm so behind updating this blog, I'm embarrassed!

The days, which have been down right spectacular here in Southern Oregon. have slipped away easily like the sun beyond the ridge in front of our house. The end of it bringing a fine glow as the deep blue of night grows darker. The visit so far with my folks, lots of fun, lots of wine and food and
sunny warm days to enjoy a quiet read on the deck. Priceless.

I promised you a sewing update. Right now I am working on the western style Frock Coat for my Dad, and while much of it is going together well, the sleeves are giving me a bit of a time. One is in, the other sits waiting for more pins and patience.

 I have had this Vogue pattern in my stash for quite some time and when I got it out and looked at it, I was overwhelmed with new and different construction techniques.

 Not necessarily what I wanted while I was working with parts of my brain clicking off the lists of things that needed to get done elsewhere. And then of course, the lovely light wool suiting with just enough stretch in it to make it a pain in the butt to work with. I'm not a fan of stretch in general. I then thought about the elements I liked about the pattern, the heavy gathering,

 the jewel neck

 and the pockets and went to work on making the Green Bee Lela top into something with those elements. This is what I ended up with. I love it and you can be sure it will be a winter basic in my closet this year.

 The Hollandia loom has found a new home and will be waving good-bye to me Tuesday. The Murphy loom will have his original spot back after all these years.

And yes, I did finish up the trim painting, just in time.

 The hallway is hard to photograph but you get the idea!

Outside, the horses are on one feeding, or should I say bag stuffing. We are all loving the ease of the NAG bags. The weather has been so nice they are delivered up to the paddock where the boys can roll them around as they graze on them. Since my horses don't wear shoes or halters, this is safe for them and for the bags.

For my dog loving visitors, I must recommend a book I picked up last week browsing the bookstore with my Mom. "Dog Songs" by Mary Oliver is a wonderful book of poems about and in celebration of dogs. Readable, joyful and fun. All things I wish more poetry was and the lovely simple illustrations are soft and dreamy and just add to the beauty of the book. Truly splurge worthy!

Parting shot: Miss Charlotte, caught in a rare nap moment.


  1. I absolutely love the hallway. It looks so welcoming, warm and calming. Great job Theresa. The Lela top is wonderful, and the colors are super. Give Miss Charlotte a kiss on her scruffy head for me please.

  2. Mary Oliver is one of my favorites. I haven't read Dog Songs. I will see if I can get ahold of a copy. Your place looks nice and cozy. I love Vogue designer patterns. Can't wait to see what you make of it!

  3. I am always so inspired by your sewing projects. Just a reminder that I need to spend time with my machines! Miss Charlotte is lookin' good!!!!

  4. I really like your hall and how you've decorated it! Thanks so much for the book mention-I'll see if I can find it at our local library. Miss Charlotte looks quiet peaceful and content, doesn't she?
    Have a great week,

  5. Love your house (what we can see of it)! I would love to feed Tang slowly, but she actually chewed a hole in her slow-feed hay bag, the hoover... I think she would probably do the same with anything I give her! I need to get the loom room cleaned out/organized so I can get on my Murphy loom, as well as sew up some aprons for Christmas Presents...

  6. You always point me to new patterns! Don't think I would ever make that dress, but I do like the jacket. Don't you just love fall?

  7. Love your long hallway. Have always loved hallways with lots of wood. Smells and memories just seem to linger in them.