Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Oh late fall, I love you! I love the snap and crackle of twigs, the frost, the secret cubby holes of summer growth exposed, frisky horses, fuzzy goats and cats with their fur abouts looking like little lynxes. Frozen ground, clouds low and heavy with promise of snow, cold winds to redden cheeks and hands, warm wool coats, hats and gloves heated on radiators, scarves long and short, soft and scratchy, wood smoke and savory soups. The clean smell of winter filled with cedar and fir and the breath of polar bears from the arctic circle. This is the perfect little slice of transition between fall and true winter.
This is the "set" of Ready, Set, Go!

And this year, surprisingly in all this chill and frost, my little garden is putting forth a few perfect blossoms. White Hellebore.

What a surprise. Every morning I've gotten up expecting the frost to have withered it and by afternoon there it is again, quiet and dignified in its shady bed of green and cedar needles.

 Thank you Mother Nature, you are a wonder. I bow to your power and beauty and creativity.

So, what else is going on eh? A pitiful small amount of newsworthy stuff really. I've had an off week with a touch of tummy troubles, so that did slow me down some. I have been working on the lining of course. The interior welt pocket went in pretty well.

 I am happy with the results. Today it looks like a good pressing of seams, serging and then putting in the sleeves.

Then it gets stuffed into the coat and the trickiest part will be coaxing a good professional looking collar. Fingers crossed. Fiddly bits right up to the end. :)

With every complicated project one must have a simple project at hand. I refer to this as the "anti-lining". Easy fabric, easier pattern that doesn't require lip chewing, nail biting or drama of any kind. The perfect anti-lining for me was Indygo Junctions newest apron pattern.

 The fabrics are a mid weight cotton chambray and a cute cotton novelty fabric. Dark colors and completely wash and wear.

 I liked the idea of a tie back but hate the feeling of bow knot against my back when I sit, so I just did a simple little panel, that allows it to float open but not flap open all the way. It was a good and easy solution.

Now there is some news coming up on the horizon, but I haven't firmed up details, but when I do, I'll spill the beans, or maybe that should be bars and pegs. You can all wonder on it, one or two may get it.

Parting shots: The watchful eyes of Jack, who studies me just as much (maybe more), than I study him.


  1. new knee? Or quilt? or... I haven't had enough coffee...

  2. Beautifully written first paragraph! I've forgotten about warming mittens on a radiator - we had them in the house I grew up in and I loved them.

    I should have known you'd sew that new apron up before I would get to mine, but I'm hoping to get to it next month - good idea on getting rid of the bow in the back.

    I know what the beans are.........

  3. OH....I'm agreeing with Jack....your sewing skills leave me in awe. Apron...probably, but the lined jacket? No way!!! Wonderful blog post!

  4. I too love this time of year. We are having our first daytime snow flurry as I type.

    Love that apron...great idea on the back closure.

    Have a good Thanksgiving!

  5. Love that apron. Jack's sweet little cute. We have about a foot of snow here in central Alberta so no late fall flowers peeking through. Birds are busy at the feeder.

  6. Bars and thinks you are getting a dobby loom - you lucky girl.

    Jack, you win me over every time with your delightful smile.

    Love the apron, cute fabric.

  7. oh, I can guess also! The answer looms right above my head. Love the apron and aren't you clever to add that panel in the back..

  8. Love that Jack ! His expressive face speaks volumes.

  9. Not a fan of winter, pre winter or the real deal, but I love that face.......

  10. Aw, Jack is so cute.

    Your hellebore is gorgeous! A perfect herald of white to come.

  11. How lovely to have those flowers greet you even at this time of the year. Lovelier still to have beautiful eyes watching over you.

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  13. Oh, I do miss fall and winter. Your words make me homesick, not for a place, but for a time. I can just feel it and smell it. Wonderful.