Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bars & Pegs

That was the hint, and a few of you got it, as I expected you might. Bars and pegs refers to the a manual type of system on a dobby loom, one of which is being picked up today by my dear Husband, the official loom go-for ( or do I really spell it as gopher?). If it's in a surrounding state it is likely poor Gene has volunteered, been nagged into an "out of state" experience to fetch a loom. Washington and Idaho have both seen him making long day trips into their territories. Today he heads to the California coast, which is not easy to get to from here. One must drop south until you hit the end of one of the mountain ranges and then head west and north. A pain in the neck and a long drive.

But here is the weaving pot of gold just before it's breakdown.

 This is an older AVL 48" Production loom. Lots of whistles and bells and bars and pegs! The sellers have graciously labeled and broken it all down so that he can make a clean shot in and out of California with a short turn around time to load.

(You can just see the bottom of the dobby box on the top left side of the loom).

With luck, it will all fit in the Outback and nothing will have to ride on the roof rack. Much more on this beautiful piece of equipment as I get it back together and weaving!

Before I forget, again, I also want to share a simply lovely piece of weaving my Dad did earlier this fall.

I couldn't share it until after their visit since it was a gift.

 Their wonderful friend Barbara takes charge of my folks two cats Omar and Foxy for their two week visit here in Oregon. She visits with them every day, and every year my Dad weaves something special for Barbara. This year a complex weave scarf in some spectacular green silk. I've seen pics of it being worn and it looks stunning on.

In other news, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving. The turkey, good, the gravy came out well, plenty of stuffing and some good company to share it with. A perfect day and many blessings counted, especially if you weren't a turkey!

Like one of Santa's Elves, I spent the week of Thanksgiving finalizing my small gift list
and starting some of my shopping. A little of this, a little of that. My mother requested a jacket so that was cut out and will hopefully go together in time. It is basically a repeat of my barn coat in the red Marc Jacobs fabric. She loved that fabric and since we live on different coasts, I felt it pretty safe that we wouldn't be showing up to the same events wearing the same jacket.

That pretty much covers the week of C&C (cooking and cleaning). I hope all of you are enjoying your after Thanksgiving weekend, picking at the turkey and taking that big sigh before the holiday season descends in full force. And if you see Gene on the road, wave! ;)

Parting shot: Turkey! Did someone say TURKEY???



  1. Enjoy your new loom! I can imagine that you already have a warp planned for it. Maybe some yardage to sew with???

  2. Hurray for Gene being the loom gopher.....again. Can't wait to see what you turn out on the new loom.

    Love your Dad's shawl - he's quite a fine weaver.

  3. Is it all going to fit in the Suburu? The green scarf your Dad wove is beautiful-lovely shade and such a pretty weave. Enjoy your "free day" as Gene drives and drives and drives.

  4. LA, Well, I have a couple of ideas rolling around. I need to get a copy of 16 Harness Patterns, The Fanciest Twills of All, but barring that, I would also like to repeat the draft I used for my pillowcases. The pattern is soft and nice and would make great towels too!

    Cindie, Gene is such a good gopher. He grumbles a bit like all long suffering gophers, but in the end is pretty darn good sport about it all. My Dad is a wonderful weaver. Barbara better keep both hands on that when I'm visiting.

    Mary, Lets hope it all fits the roo, because that's going to one pissed off gopher if it doesn't. Really, it's all dimensional lumber except for the sectional back beam.

  5. Ohh...lucky you!! How exciting. I don't know where you get all of your energy....animal husbandry, sewing, weaving, painting, remodeling....wears me out to think of it.

    Don't forget for wealth of 16 harness patterns.

    Love your the scarf your Dad wove.

    Gosh..Pogo has the same look as our cat, Jazzy, every time the leftover turkey platter comes out of the fridge.

  6. Oh I am sooooo jealous! Love your new loom and I can hardly wait to see what you will plan for your first project.

    Pogo looks like he is very happy that turkey day has arrived once more in his domain.

  7. Wow, Theresa, that is some loom! I so admire your ability to weave. I had a little loom as a young girl, about 10" across. Can't imagine threading a big one.

    Your dad's scarf is stunning. Hard to believe he could do that in two weeks.

    And I'm with Pup...ready for more turkey! Ours was so good (and not huge, just enough for 3) and it's gone! More, please...

  8. Congrats! I love my AVL. I wish I had room for it. You are going to have so much fun! The green scarf is absolutely gorgeous. Your Dad did a beautiful job.

  9. A dobby loom! Oh Theresa, how fantastic is that! And your dad's scarf is stunning.

    I have to tell you my exciting news. My book is published! I'm so excited I want to tell the whole world. Do drop by my blog when you get a chance to help me celebrate.

  10. Leigh, Congrats on the book! I know it's going to sell like hotcakes, and no doubt you have a great home grown recipe for those included in the pages too. :)

    Renee, Hope yours lands in a loving home. The 60" would have been just too big for mine.

    Coco, It will be some loom if I can ever get it back together! Thank you on behalf of my Dad. He does some wonderful weaving.

    Martha, Pogo was very happy, as were all the dogs. I think when it all comes down to bits and pieces, they had more turkey than we did!

    Valerie, Thank you for the reminder. I'll be visiting often assuming I get the beast back together again.