Monday, November 11, 2013

Someone to Look Up To

If I was half as sweet and considerate as my horse, I would probably be close to sainthood by now.

 He surely has been sent my way to teach me about kindness and patience.

We had another goat escort adventure. I actually got both goats locked in their stall and then Jerry, my shy athletic little black goat jumped through the stall feeder window. Yes, this is one of the very cute faces of trouble with a capitol "T"!

 One goat in and screaming like we were skinning him with a dull pen knife, slowly and the other running around bleating on the outside. Oh flippin joy! I ignored both of them, brushed and saddled my mount and on I went fully expecting the outside goat would stay close to the inside goat. Wrong, wrong, wrong. It would seem Cooper has his own caprine allure these days, so off we went at a dead walk to bleating and trotter wringing. But Cooper, being Cooper was just fine with it all. He had his responsibilities and that was to make sure both of his charges (Me and Jerry), got home safe and sound. He takes his job very seriously.

 So, we went at a goats pace. Even when I gave the old man a firm slap on the butt with the crop, he was not going to zoom ahead of what his goat could handle. Simple as that. I know when I've met my match and rotten person that I am I would have left poor Jerry in the dust on flat to run after us, but not Cooper. He picked his big self up and did a canter in slow mo just so we would stay at goat speed. If Jerry was in front, he gently nudged him to the side so a hoof wouldn't dog his heels and if Jerry got under foot, we stopped and waited until he was out from underneath. Towards the end of our  ride, Jerry was tired and panting even at our slow pace. When he started to really lag behind, my big sweet mount, stopped on his own, turned and waited. He didn't want to graze, he didn't jig or jiggle so near home, he just simply waited for Jerry to catch his breath and gather his strength. Together we all arrived home, quietly and with dignity. I felt quite chastised I would add. I have a horse that probably should have been named Gandhi or Solomon. But I guess plain old Cooper is just fine too. Make that Nanny Cooper.


  1. How lovely :) The joy of having animals. My husband came in yesterday and announced that my larger dog Gracie had gotten out again. I mounted my gasoline driven horse power and off I went to look for her. As I frantically drove down side street after side street all the time praying for her safety, little did I know that she had returned home on her own. When you are so relieved, how can you possibly be angry? :) They do teach us so much.

  2. Cooper is doing his part in getting Jerry fit! How I wish there was a video of this little outing!!!!

  3. What a wonderful post; what a wonderful horse!

  4. Cooper is indeed a kind hearted gentleman. Wonderful story, thank you for sharing with us.

  5. I love the description of Cooper loping slowly enough for Jerry to stay with him. He is such a gentleman, and handsome too!

  6. I just adore Cooper and the goats. What a wonderful story.

  7. What a great story! We'll just have to call him. St. Cooper, and kiss his rings... Do horses have rings? Anyway, he's a gem. Was the left-behind-goat in total hysteria? Some people ride with their dogs, why not goats!

  8. A Nanny named Cooper, you both need him! And maybe he is nice to Jerry because they are similar in appearance, he sees himself when he looks at Jerry, young and small and in need of patience.

  9. That is such a nice story. The intelligence and kindness that animals show is amazing.

  10. Rhonda, escapees can scare the bejeebers out of you! Glad Gracie is home, safe and sound.

    LA: The short ride was about 2 miles, Jerry is fit but even at slow horse pace, it's pretty fast for goat pace. They are more mosey type creatures, plus stress takes it measure.

    Michelle, Oh, he is. Just ask m anytime. :) Dandy came down out of the sun to stand near Ben in jail and quiet him down BTW, another good old guy.

    Martha and Mary, I'll pass on your comments. Cooper is quite a gentleman indeed.

    Coco, But wait we have Dandy too and he's sweet old lug also. In fact I have two pretty wonderful horses.

    Laura, Hmm, sainthood, yep I can see him depicted with a gold glowing halo....The other gentleman Dandy came down and stood near Ben's stall and the nearness helped with the hysteria. God, goats do bond don't they...

    LOTL, I think it is just who he is. He has always been a great babysitter. It may be more about Jerry reminding him of one baby in particular.

    Donna, Yes, I am reminded of their wonderful traits almost daily, and we see some of the not so wonderful ones too, but it just drives home that animals have as rich an emotional life as we do.