Friday, November 15, 2013

Imelda in Training

If it wasn't for my dear Mother, I would be wearing Crocs and barn boots, neither of which are particularly fashionable and once they have done duty in the barn, a little smelly too. I could wear the most wonderful or weird outfit and she looks me in the eye and asks, "You're not going to wear THOSE shoes with it, are you?" So, it has become her mission to make sure I have good quality and stylish footwear, or at least as stylish as low heels and flat feet allow. None of the beautiful spiked high heels she was able to wear with such flair for many years for me.

Over my parents visit two lovely pairs of shoes were procured. I bought one pair, she the other.

 I think that brings my shoe stash up to modest eight pairs of good shoes. And since I am in training I simply must show off the pair I stalked into saledome a few weeks before they arrived.

 See Mom, you're hard work is sticking. I will break down and buy myself a nice pair of shoes these days. And you know what, I kind of liked it too.

I am way overdue with a fabric post and have used up some really nice fabrics long before they hit the blog in yardage form, BUT I have a couple of goodies to share that are in stash awaiting their turn on the cutting table.

First up is the complete roll of a true Scottish woven wool houndstooth.

This is the type of wool I love the most, rough, tough and well woven. Along with being woven in Scotland the wool was probably sourced and dyed there too.  Classic, durable and just begging for an equally classic style of outwear. The whole roll on this fabric was a tad over 6 yards, not really as much as one would think and just barely enough to cover a long coat and have a bit left over for a mistake or do over piece. The colors are natural, a peaty charcoal and an old deep green-gold.

The next is the complete opposite, a fine woven Italian wool, so soft it feels like micro fleece.

 It too is a lovely shade of old brassy gold and in a mini houndstooth with black. There was just 2.25 yards of this lovely wool but I am hoping to eek out a Sewing Workshop ZigZag top. Such a cozy, comfortable and pretty pattern, the one you want to slip into on a cold Sunday morning for a brisk walk with the dogs or wear bundled in front of a local cafe drinking hot chocolate.

In the sewing room the elf has been at work.

 The Frock coat lining has been cut and marked and the final push is near on getting this stitched up and all together looking like a real coat. I also whipped out a quick modified Lela top.

 I just HAD to get this lovely eggplant double fabric made into something wonderful. It came home at about the same time as the wools and made me distracted, so onto the table it went first thing. Love the results.

 The artsy bits are samples of my own handwoven.

 These in bamboo and done on the Woolhouse Carolyn loom a few years ago. I think this looks like little wolf or fox faces when in actuality it is part of a much larger snowflake pattern.

Speaking of looms, the Murphy loom is happily back in it's favorite place and looking as handsome as ever.

 I am so glad to have this treasure back in my weaving studio.

For those that have been wondering, both Peter and Bea continue to hold their own. At 19 and 17 respectively they are doing amazingly well. Yes, they sleep a lot, Bea walks crooked and is quieter than what she was in her prime, but she has been eating like a pony and still enjoys a walk and a car ride. (Sorry for the bit of blur on this shot).

Peter too lives for an outing in the car. It always surprises me because often that outing is to the vet for routine check-ups and blood work, but I guess even Dr. Beth is okay as long as a car ride is involved.

Parting shot: Winter bird sighting: Varied Thrush. Such a pretty bird too, a little bigger than an American Robin


  1. Your shoe collection is growing and I have to admit to a bit of envy. Don't need shoes, but want shoes. :-)

  2. Thank you for the update on the dynamic duo, Miss Bea is looking lovely as ever. I adore your new houndstooth fabric! Sorry, but I am not a shoe girl...I wear Dansko clogs all the time...not fashionable I know but they are comfortable and good for my crappy feet.

  3. Did you get to hear the varied thrush sing? It's magnificent!

    Love those center shoes, too. :-)

  4. The green shoes are my favorites. Quite lovely! I like your idea of using handwoven scraps for garment embellishment. I have to admit, my shoe status is along your lines, my Bogg boots and a pair of surf shoes. I have 5 pairs of shoes. I rather buy books or art supplies!

  5. Lovely wool and sewing too!

    Green elf shoes! I love them too. I am a bit of an Imelda myself....bought some brogue oxfords this season.

  6. Like Michelle, I love (and miss) the song of the Varied Thrush and it's cousin the Hermit Thrush. If you're familiar with Vaughn-Williams' "Lark Ascending," you can hear their song in the violin solo line.

    I've been told that my middle name is Imelda. When I was working as an Escrow officer, I had many, many pairs of shoes (one for each outfit combination, I'm sure). Now, I have 5 or 6 pair of non-farm shoes. I don't want to count the number of pairs of boots I have; it would be embarrassing...

    Love the wool. When I sewed all of my own clothes in high school (unlimiited clothes budget, so long as I made it), I loved working with wool. Even in San Diego, I had wool skirts with hand-picked zippers. I loved my wool jumpers. Now that I live where I can really use it, I don't sew much anymore. But I knit...

  7. Oh how I'd love to have a talent for making clothes. But knowing myself, I'd have several half projects on the go. And probably struggle to find the right shoes, also. ;) Your pooch is adorable. You're doing something right.