Monday, July 2, 2012

The Attack of the Killer Strawberries

Oh come on, how often can you use a subject title like that? I've been saving that one for a long time. But I really mean killer in a different way. Just how do slang expressions get started anyway? I made myself sit down and finish a home decorating project I started about a month ago. Since my little desk area sits in a windowed alcove, it really needs curtains. Sometimes the contrast and light is so bright, I can barely see my computer screen and the old bamboo roll up blinds were a real pain to deal with. Enter large, lovely and very graphic giant strawberry printed fabric.

I fell in love with it the moment I saw it, but it just isn't suitable for clothing especially for someone in the low five foot range. I don't particularly like handbags, so that left curtains. If I grow another foot or find that perfect pattern for a strawberry garment, I can always follow Scarlet's lead and wear them. Basically the curtains are lined panels.

I've left deep hems and kept stitching to a minimum so the cloth is still in large pieces. Some day soon I'll do the tall window in the studio, but not in this. I have something else picked out to contrast and play with my big berries! ;)

Moving to the outside, the moon and stars aligned and Gene and I found ourselves with some free time on the same day and in the same time frame. It happens less than you may think and only gets worse during summer fire season. The Dennett memorial wind chime finally made it out to the proper location.

Basically we cut a tallish tree that needed to be thinned, cleaned it up, put a cross piece on it and put it up. We also took down all the old prayer flags and put up the first new string.

The old ones are folded and waiting for fall burning season. I'm hoping to have all new strings of flags circling that special area. Some gifted lambs ear was planted around the pole.

Of course Robin was out and about to help later in the day. (Rodger too since nothing goes on in his domain that he doesn't feel the need to supervise).

It was a nice little training session for him. Young dogs like to be in constant motion. While I was working out there he had to learn to stay local. He could investigate, he could dig, but he had to stay in the immediate area. As parting shots, I'll leave you with a few of the best. Let's just title this series, "I am Terrier, see me dig".


  1. What a lovely memorial to dear sweet Dennett. Rest in peace.

  2. Very cool about the memorial. And the parting shots are priceless! I remember too, when watermelon motif was all the rage. Maybe it still is(?) I confess I've always preferred strawberries!

  3. Love those cheery berries - they'd make me smile everytime I sat down at that desk!

  4. Oh, what a fine tribute- I love that idea.

  5. The most lovely tribute to Dennett. We have done the same for our lost makes a walk in the woods poignant. God bless that pup.

  6. What a special way to work...gazing at Strawberries the size of your head!!!!!
    Love the chimes pole and digging pooch and sedate kitty....wish I was there to wander and relax!