Monday, July 9, 2012


The weekend was devoted to doing a series of unrelated tasks that, while not glamorous, just needed doing. The sort of stuff that starts with looking for something, then before you know it, you're reorganizing a drawer or a closet. Piddly stuff that eats up more time than you would think.
Then of course, horses behaving badly was another time sink. Actually, only Dandy behaving badly. Every horse has their thing that just brings out the worst in them. Nick's is small white plastic bags, Cooper hates to be hard tied, Dandy...the dreaded water hose. Mr. D needed a bath, so we danced and pranced for over an hour in the hot sun on Friday. All politeness goes out the window when the water hits mid back. Needless to say, both of us were dripping at the end and both just as aggravated with the other over it. I did manage to avoid the "let's roll in the dust and make myself muddy" period by letting him go graze around the property. After a couple of hours grazing, he was full, dry and back to his usual sweet self, as was I. All was forgiven and even the foot he stepped on felt better. Neither of us holds grudges. Baths are business. 

In the sewing room, I finished up the second bath rode/housecoat I had cut ages ago.  I went from giant fruit to giant fungi! BTW, Matango is an old Japanese grade B horror flick, in English known as "The Attack of the Mushroom People".

Can't say why this languished for so long, but I'm in love with it now that it's done. I made some changes from the blue corduroy one. I hated the in-seam side pockets. They are comfortable enough but I have ripped (and repaired) both of them since they catch quite often on things. I went with patch pockets on this one; lengthened and narrowed the sleeves and decided last minute to use snaps instead of buttons.

 I had bought some pretty wooden buttons painted with matching toadstools, but cute as they were, they just didn't show up on this big, bold and busy pattern. Simple silver snaps worked well and I'll save my cute buttons for something that will showcase them. I wish I had had enough fabric to match things, but this was expensive fabric and the waste would have been substantial with the large repeats. As it was, I'm amazed I got what I needed from the yardage since it was a half yard shy after looking at the pattern. But it is, after all, a bath robe.

The roll of done prayer flags is growing. I hope to finish off this warp mid week. I need to get after a squeak in the beater assembly once the warp is off. I know just where it's coming from and a little dry lubrication should do the trick.

Around the farm we have our first truly aggressive doe. I heard a commotion and went out to investigate. Juno came running from the woods with her tail and back puffed up. There was the doe (probably the same one who challenged the grey fox) with her fawn. The fawn took off, the doe stood her ground, stomping one front hoof then the other in a very deliberate way and accompanied by a threatening snort. Hey, no problem. I can take a hint. While I didn't puff up like Juno, I did clear out PDQ. We consoled each other on the back deck. Don't mess with the wildlife in general and this Momma deer in particular!

Parting shot: Why Robin! What a little fat head you've got.


  1. I have this mental image of you hosing down your horse in your new bathrobe....giggle, giggle!!! All of the "little" jobs sure can eat up your time, that's for sure!

  2. Time sink...well said for farmlife!
    Maybe you remember our Luna got in a pickle last year with a very aggressive doe. Poor Luna wanted to play with the fawn and instead got beated across the back and a bloody eye. It was awful.
    Now that robe is a knockout!

  3. LA, HA, have you got curlers in my hair and fuzzy slippers on too in that image? Honestly, I do go out to feed in the morning in my bathrobes, with or without coat depending on the weather. ;)

    Nancy, I hadn't, but now that you mention it, I do remember. Let's hope Luna and that particular doe don't have a second go round this year. I'm sure Juno, like Luna, was more curious than anything and face it, Juno is a very small cat.

  4. My mom used to sing a song Go Wash an Elephant If You Want To Do Something Big
    That's all I could think of when you were describing Dandy's bath.

    Perhaps Dandy wants his own bathrobe? (wink)

  5. Funny, I think I vaguely remember that song. Dandy sure isn't anywhere near elephant proportions, but during bath time it certainly feels like taming a pachyderm. As to his own bathrobe, well, when I find large hay bale printed fabric..maybe. ;) Think he'd settle for his own towel?