Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Bounty of Beets

 And good friends that gift them to you!

 Let's not forget carrots and monster heads of lettuce either.

 I have no garden, so it is much appreciated when other's share a bit of their hard work. The beets BTW, were delicious simply sliced thin and sauteed in some butter. It certainly elevated our modest burger dinner last night. Horses and donkeys all enjoyed the carrot treats. The greens were almost as coveted as the carrot itself. The lettuce everything one could want for a salad or sandwich. Thank you good friend!

Two thirty a.m. seems to be the magic time for emergency calls up here this summer.
DH has been called out at least once a week at that magic hour. Last week for a suicide
call, this morning for a medical call. It's interesting to note, this seems to be a suicide year. This was the third call in about a month. The other two sadly were successful in their endeavors, this last the party was taken into custody for their own protection.
It would be easy to say it was the economy, but honestly, we get a year like this every six or so. I wonder if other rural remote places experience the same kind of phenomenon?

Anyway, setting deep reflection aside for when I have had more than just one cup of coffee, let's get down to what's happening on the Murphy loom. We have a full string of five flags completed and probably another 10-12 flags worth of warp on there.

 It's good to weave on my first loom and the view in that back room is wonderful. Yesterday we got our first good sighting of a young fawn. She was racing around the pine trees, testing out those fast new legs on what was likely her first full day outing with Mom.

Birding has been excellent this year so far. We have a breeding pair of Stellar Jays that has provided constant entertainment for us and lots of noise and woe for Juno and Buzz.

Juno gets dive bombed regularly if she travels towards the back of the property and we always know to look because they make quite the racket! Their beauty is in the feathers not the song, but they are devilishly good at sounding like a hawk when alarmed.

 Western Tanagers have been plentiful as have Mountain Bluebirds and all local varieties of woodpeckers, including the giant Pileated Woodpeckers. The usual assortment of Wrens, Chickadees, Nuthatch and Juncos, plus hawks, vultures and crows. I believe I spied a Cedar Waxwing while out on ride Monday morning, a first for me. I have a pair of Ravens that wait with the horses and donkeys for me to serve up the daily portion of cob and vitamins at morning feeding. These two bold black birds strut up to any of the donkeys and pilfer a bit of cob. If I'm late on delivery not only do I hear braying and whinnies, but a few irritated caws in there too. They're all just keeping the room service staff on time I guess.

In the sewing room, I have been working on a jacket in the rest of the linen/cotton denim. I'm using Simplicity pattern #2153 and I can't recommend it enough.

 What a wonderful pattern to use. Simple, well drafted and stylish. Easy enough for a beginner sewist but versatile enough for someone who wants to use it for springboard to customize.

 Can you tell I'm loving this pattern or what? Everyone needs a good three season denim jacket and I've got mine.

This one will get a ton of use and with the high linen content should last for a long time.

Have a Happy 4th of July everyone, stay safe and enjoy!
Parting shot: Pigs on blanket.

Charlotte & Peter


  1. This time of the year, fresh veggies are so welcome!!! I love pickled beets...yum!!! Enjoy your 4th!

  2. Oh, aren't fresh beets the best! I used to have a garden on our other property and grew a lot of beets for fresh eating and to make canned spiced pickled beets. I miss that garden but not the work....although if I had a flat piece of ground at our current house that got sun I'd have a small one.

    Love the jacket!

  3. I have never seen or heard of a Stellar Jay. Quite stiking. Now pigs in a poke, yes, er, blanket. Cuties!

  4. Great post Theresa! I love beets grated raw on a salad. In the fall, I like to roast them with other root veggies. I enjoyed the tour of wildlife and I am going to check out that jacket pattern (wrote it down). I am looking for one! Sadly, here on the coast it can be isolated. I think we probably have about the same rate of suicides and attempts. There was a rather horrible murder/suicide down the street the first week we moved here. Hope you have a safe 4th!