Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Second String

That's not a bad thing. It means the Murphy loom is free and ready for a new flag warp. It means every single hand written prayer line has been woven into a flag and is now blowing in the wind. (Possible earworm!).

 And it means I better attend to my squeaky beater and get a new warp started on the reel. Over time I have simplified these flags and I am happy with the changes. Less really is more especially when it means more flags get done and they are more fun to do.

I guess I could have also titled this the second coming post, because there are a fair number of seconds here. Second of the seconds, Mouse #2. Caught the day after Mouse #1 and also channeled into the release program. Complete with picture.

 So far after 2 nights of resetting the trap, no third mouse. I do want to say, in Robin's defense (he's probably the most game of my crew for mousing), he alerted me last week by barking and digging around the crates there in the laundry room. I thought he was whining for a dropped kibble that might have rolled behind a crate, but in retrospect, I think he was probably on to those mice. Certainly deserving of an appropriate picture showing just what he can do where rodents are concerned. ;)

Third of the seconds, is another visit up to Howard Prairie to see a man about a boat. I had questions about what kind of boat one of them in my last post was, so, being up for a drive I tootled over yesterday morning for a look see. While I was there I couldn't resist taking some more pics of this lovely resort. It has a long, long jetty that made for a perfect picture taking stroll, and yes, I did get the boat info that was requested.

Flock of seagulls ( BTW, anybody remember that band?). These pictures should all enlarge. That's Mt. McLoughlin in the background, still holding some snow.

Boats at the dock. I was thrilled with how nice these came out. I do love my new camera!

A Pelican!

In farm news, Sunday evening was dang perfect. I grabbed Cooper and we went out for an evening ride. Left at 7:30p.m. and got home just a bit before 9:00p.m. A lovely relaxing finish to a wonderful day. He got to poke along and graze and I just enjoyed doing what I've loved doing since I was about 4 years old. There is nothing for me as magical as riding a horse.

Surprisingly for July in Southern Oregon, yesterday evening marked the start of two days of  rain and very cool temps. As I write this it's 48 F out and I'll be grabbing my rain coat and hat to go feed this morning. A welcome relief.

Parting shot: A true original. Peter enjoyed the trip to Howard Prairie too.


  1. I love your prayer flags! Can I buy one? A I commission?! Just thought I'd ask
    And such a stunning capture on the lake with the gulls, boats and mount. Looks so refreshing.

  2. What neat prayer flags! Very nice weaving and I like the colorful yarn choices. Peter looks like he's concentrating on something quite hard. I found an ad for a Murphy loom for sale and it made me think of you. I briefly thought about driving to see it, but if I remember right, it was quite a ways away from me. The sailing looks like so much fun. My husband wants to start building a wooden sailboat, so someday we'll be out on the water :-)

  3. Peter is looking very alert and I must say he is a handsome guy. The prayer flags are awesome as always! Your new camera is awesome and the shots of the boats are very nice.

  4. We had a mouse catching spree earlier this spring. I found tell tale signs and we set a trap in the house using a single dog kibble. They *love* dog kibbles! I'm being much more careful to clean up after Calli's meals now whether in doors or outside.

    We snagged 5 mice in 7 days of trying!

    The prayer flag you made for Connor is still flying after over a year in the great outdoors. Its a little green around the edges but doing fine. Thanks so much!


  5. We didn't get the rain, but the cool-down was appreciated.

  6. I finally remembered to measure my heddles - looks like 10" from bottom of heddle bar to top of heddle bar. They come linked together - I've cut some (they slide better) and need to do the rest!

  7. Laura THANK YOU!

    Michelle, Maybe some of the wet stuff finally reached you?

    Susan, That's what is supposed to happen with the flags, after all, they are there to offer up all those love and prayers onto the wind. It' demanding work!

    Thistle Rose, Peter is such a special little guy. Not doing too bad for 17 and some months.

    Judy, The colors are dictated already, as is the order of the colors, but it's fun choosing the silks.

    Nancy, we'll talk. :)

  8. I like your new camera too - great pictures! You're twins, separated at birth :)