Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Short and Long of It

Okay, the donkey arrived yesterday and while I don't have any good pictures, I have some pictures. We have had some fun making silly puns about my ass though..and I guess this makes me a true blue Democrat . You sure won't be seeing any mini elephants in my old goat pen, that's for sure!

For those familiar with donkeys, I know he is grossly overweight. The Box R has over 500 acres, many in pasture for the cows. It has not done the donkey population any service, but we'll be working on getting this boy down to a healthy weight. He was never named, so it was high time he had his own moniker and to that end we have dubbed him Sugarfoot although Hot Foot was mentioned too.

It is fire season!

The long of it has been measured, chained, spread and beamed.

I do so love to see the warps in their unwoven stage.

At present we are a quarter into the threading and while I probably won't get the whole ten yards woven, I will be able to get the three towels I need for the fire department's fall dance and auction. I'll cut them off and retie the warp.

In other news, we also welcomed a in freezer.

I have not named the freezer, nor will I. Who could beat a name like Magic Chef anyway? ;) I opted for the smallest upright I could find which is 8.8 cubic feet. This was actually scoped out in Massachusetts when I visited in May. This is freezer number 2 as when we plugged in freezer number 1 it did a fine job of letting ice cream melt and nothing else. I would have gotten pictures of it too, but DH was WAY too grumpy at having to load it back up for a second run to Home Depot to even consider pulling out the camera and lets face it, one picture of a freezer is quite sufficient I'm sure.

Sunday was spent watching football. Basically every team I was rooting for lost, with the exception of the Jets and it looked like they were going to lose for most of the game. The game that did count though was last night and thankfully my team won.
Go Patriots!

And before football Sunday, there was a nice long walk in the woods with Robin.
We both enjoyed it and for parting shots, I'll leave you with just a taste of our stroll.


  1. I'm sure Sugar Foot will be very happy living at your place - can't wait to hear more about his personality as you get to know each other. And that Robin is as cute as ever!

  2. Robin looks like he had a great time on his walk! He's got his "alert" look on! I'm sure we'll be hearing lots more about your newest critter! Looking forward to all the stories.

  3. Love the donkey! Sweet name too. ;)

  4. Congratulations on your new addition! I don't know anything about donkeys. Will he be okay as a single?

    Robin is so cute! What a face.

  5. Welcome Sugar Foot! Twill had three donkey friends on our walk from the RV park out by Emigrant Lake. They used to come running to the fence when they saw her and Twill would touch noses with all three. I am sure Sugar Foot will add another twist to the wonderful stories. Robin continues to steal the show though! Hope the fires aren't bothering you. Looking at the fire maps our state looks like an Oregon shaped birthday cake with way too many candles! Take care!

  6. Leigh, I hope so, he will eventually be in with the horses and while not another donk, it will be close. I think we'll do a bit of meet and greet today with them all.

    LA, Yes, Robin was quite alert to the new sights, sounds and smells. He's a lot of fun to walk with.

    Cindie, So far he seems quite sweet and tractable. He might be a tad depressed since he is all alone but it takes a while for new livestock to settle in esp. smart ones.

    Evelyn, the name came from a Canadian produced show, "Heartland" and is the name of a little mini horse you see once in a while. It seemed just perfect for my little guy too.

    Renee, It's been hazy here but I think that's more due to the hot weather than the fires. Wonder if those donkeys are still there?
    Isn't Robin cute! He has such a different expression and head shape than Stella, but both are so photogenic and both quite the camera hams. :)

  7. Callooh Callay!
    Donkey's happy day.
    Let him be fat and happy,
    Robin will teach him the way .

  8. Welcome to the newest member of your family! I bet with such a peppy companion for walking, it's easy to go on long walks ;-)

  9. how many critters do you have, actually???