Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Long and Short of It

Boy, have I been remiss in catching my blog posts up. For some strange reason, this summer has seemed busier than most. In any event, the "long" is the new warp going on Hannah Hollandia. The overshot is off and done and if it weren't destined for a gift I'd show you, because it is beautiful with it's subtle color changes. At some point in the future I'll post pics, after it's been gifted. The new warp is 10 yards long and will be all towels.

I need to get at least 3 done by the 23rd of this month for the fire and rescue silent auction. Stats are 8/2 cotton sett at 24 epi. Again this year I am taking a pattern from "A Weaver's Book of 8-Shaft Patterns" page 33, either #134,#135 or #138. I have up to 14 treadles I can use on this loom and of course I can always change the tie up mid run.

Hey Baby Delta loom is also naked and after this towel warp is put on, I'll do another, shorter warp. This will be a gift warp also. I've picked out a pattern from "Favorite Scandinavian Projects to Weave.

There has also been just a touch of sewing. I have a pattern cut out, but until I get the warp on and ready to weave, that's as far as I'm going to get. I did finish up a wearable muslin and am thrilled with this new Sewing Workshop pattern.

I am hoping my mother likes it also as I would love to make her one. The pattern is "Quincy" and I know I'm going to be making myself at least a few more in both jacket and shirt weight material. This picture was taken before it was hemmed or had the snap tape sewn in. Right now it's in the wash after a day of comfortable " going to town" wear last week. I spent a lot of time in town last week for one thing or another.

Okay, it's time for the "short" of it portion. I don't have pics yet, but I will after the weekend. I had mentioned how much I was missing my goats, and had some alert animals under consideration. So, I'm scanning Craigslist just to see what is out there and low and behold, a neighbor, the Box R ranch, not more than 3 miles from us is parting with the animals that made up it's little petting zoo. (At one time there were llamas, donkey's, mules, goats, and I can't remember what else). Anyway, Don had advertised 5 miniature donkeys and one was a gelding! A perfect fit. An animal that has been well handled, use to our climate, horses and well, cute as a bugs ear. The little doll will be delivered either Sunday or Monday. The jenny's are all spoken for too and are staying up on the mountain with another family even closer to us. Maybe they can all visit once in a while!

And while we are on short. Robin had his last puppy program appointment before he is due to have the furry dice removed (neutered). He is just shy of 8 pounds. We are all thinking he won't be much bigger, if at all, than Stella. He is quite the charmer though
and I need to get some good updated pics of him. He's in his adult collar now and has his official "call my peeps if I get lost" tag. In many ways he has been an easier puppy than Stella, and she was pretty darn easy to take on the puppy scale. He is proving to be a extremely sweet and trainable and looks like he will be the rare terrier who sticks his recalls reliably. We have been doing some off leash work all ready. He knows to come to his name, stays within a ten foot distance while we're walking (even with deer spotted in the distance) and knows sit and sit pretty ( front paws up) upon command.
He is very food motivated which makes training a breeze.

Lastly, it has been very hot here the last few days. We've almost touched 90F and not so much cool down at night. It's hard on Dennett. Early evening I stick him in the utility sink, hose down his paws, belly and neck so that he is still just a bit damp there when we head up to bed. It keeps him cool and comfortable and he doesn't have to work so hard panting to cool himself.

Parting shot: The ball always rolls to the other side of the fence...


  1. It's just amazing how fast Robin has grown! What a wonderful addition he has been to your family. Can't wait to see the pictures of the overshot project (when you can show it!)

  2. Nice to hear from you again. I wonder if your summer has not passed faster this year than last due to the change in your trip dates. Didn't you go back to Mass earlier than planned when you Dad became ill?
    anyway, I love that you will have a new animal as I am missing the goats too! Robin is a dear and Stella, well she needed to become a big sister I think.
    Glad you are still sewing and I'm excited you will be putting on a new warp or two!

    I have got to figure out my mistakes and figure some way to rescue the color gamp warp and a way to get it onto the rigid heddle loom. I love weaving but if I were working I'd find a way to pay someone to put the warp onto the loom! I just don't get any zen/good feelings out of that part at all.

    enjoy your day and hope you are soon weaving away and posting more frequently.
    Go football season!
    denise/deBRAT in Tampa Bay Fl

  3. good to see some weaving/sewing activity from your end of the valley after the painting. love that new sewing workshop pattern.

  4. IMO painting projects will sure eat up a season! The jacket is so cute! I'll have to look at that pattern.

    Seems like Robin is growing up faster than Stella?

  5. The weaving is greek, as always, but thrilled to hear about the new donk coming and Robin Good-as-Gold!

  6. LA, Robin has grown fast, although he is still a wee bit smaller than Stella was at the same age. He may very well be the same size instead of larger like we had thought. It's all good. 10 pounds is a fine size.
    I promise to have some great pics of the overshot available when I can post them.

    Denise, you might be right, trip dates did make a difference, but the painting and of course constant advertising of the horses locally took it's toll too, and sewing ate a large portion of my time as did another year of puppy raising. Next year, no new pups. Go Patriots! :)

    Cindie, it has been a long time since new warps were put on, too long, but I have spent my time in fiber endeavors even if it hasn't been weaving. I LOVE that pattern BTW. It is quite easy too although there are some novel construction methods used.

    Valerie, it seems the painting never ends. Still have the stools to do. Robin is actually a couple of weeks behind Stella developmentally. I'm told this is a male thing. Slower to mature. He has such a winsome personality. I'm glad I went with him instead of holding out for another "her".

    We're pretty excited about the new donk too. I love that you've coined Robin Good as Gold! Oh, that's perfect as he really is most times.

  7. Contratulations on the new addition to your family! I'm looking forward to seeing photos. That looks like a great towel warp and I bet you are looking forward to weaving them.
    Have a great weekend,

  8. When you made the comment about the pace of this summer, I did a knowing nod. I haven't done near the things I thought I could do easy peesy. And now it's clear we're in the first days of autumn. I had planned to have *finished* dishtowels by now. At least you're warped. I would only say that to a weaver :)

    p.s. LOVE the jacket - the cut especially.

  9. Aw, I always love your parting shots. This must be an especially sweet breed.

    Maybe the summer has passed quickly, but look how productive you've been! I need to take a page out of your book. :)

  10. honky donk acomin'...what fun! I look forward to the pics.