Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Version of Storing Nuts

And you thought I might be talking about Robin didn't you? Well Robin got a reprieve
until Friday because I am a dope. I thought his day was Wednesday and the farriers was Tuesday. Seems they were both Tuesday. Oops!

My version of nut storage has to do with fabric and yarns. At the beginning of summer I took in about 20 pounds of cotton yarn in all flavors and colors. All either 8/2 or pearl 5/2. Through the summer I have made some lovely fabric purchases too for fall/winter sewing. Compared to weaving and knitting, sewing goes fast, inventory can drop quickly and face it, good fabric is hard to find these days unless you have a great store near you or a good online fabric vendor. I have both.

For those that are looking for an online source for fabrics of interest and quality for garment sewing, try Gorgeous Fabrics. They have wonderful service, and each of the fabrics gives a good idea of weight, a pattern or two that would work well with it and coordinating fabrics, along with the pantone color, fiber content and even recommended needle size and type. A lot of information that makes buying on line MUCH easier. And of course, my local favorite Fabric of Vision with their interesting selection of garment fabrics.

Here is my little fall array of stash waiting to be made into some kind of wearable wonderful. It's been procured over the summer and contains a nice selection of blouse, jacket and pant weight materials.

And a new pattern done up in some nice Birch Organic cotton.

I am in love with this collar and will have to do this pattern again, a little longer with a shaped hem and no ties. I like the ties, I didn't think I would but they are a very specific look and I don't need a lot of tied blouses in my wardrobe, one or two maybe.

But a good looking shirt with a nice soft collar detail can be repeated again and again with variations. For others that like it also, it's Kwik Sew pattern #3620.

And please note the beautiful yarn on the chair.

This is more Kauni with the long color changes producing a lovely shading effect. I loved the naturals on the overshot gift piece and I'm going to try these teals on a dark warp for something different. Websters is still the best place I know of for beautiful yarns

The horses like to spend time watching the donkeys.

The donkeys spend time watching the horses.

The barn cats Buzz and Juno appear religiously for meals. In the barn.

Gene spends time taking the shelter down to rebuild it as a barn
closer to front of the paddock for my ease

and Dandy just wants you to note how handsome he is.
He spends his time standing in the pasture posing.

Parting shot: Only a true friend lets you nap on them.


  1. Note that Denniet has "built in" hip warmers - sure does help a guy keep the joint pain away.

  2. Lovely pictures, and an interesting fabric stash!

  3. so sweet in all aspects from fabric to that smashing blouse to your herd 'aplenty.
    Old Dennett. What a man.

  4. Your life is never dull....isn't that wonderful!!! You have lots to keep you busy this winter when the cold winter winds blow in!

  5. Great looking fabrics - I think by your amazing productivity you must have a new outfit almost every day!

  6. I agree with Evelyn, you must never have to wear the same thing very often. And I like that pile of nappers.

  7. I like that collar too, and thanks for the tip on the online fabric store. I have sewing in my future, just not near future.