Thursday, September 22, 2011

One is the Loneliest Number

And that is ever so true for just about any grazing animal. I can't tell you how often I've driven by a pasture and seen just one horse, or one cow and felt pity that they had no comfort from like kind. So imagine how I felt when I looked out to my own pasture and saw one little lonely solitary donkey.

The day I got out of the car after being gone for the morning running errands and having Sugar Foot race the fence line braying at me to come visit drove my poorly planned decision home to me. We had to get another donkey. Even Gene came to that conclusion on his own. I can provide quality food, shelter, vet care and loving attention but it is still all of a human nature. I picked up the phone and within hours the last two donkeys of Sugar Foots harem where delivered. Had I waited they would have been sold elsewhere. As they were loading them into the trailer at the Box R someone was coming up the drive to take them. Sugar Foot is a lucky boy, plan B was a Boer Goat which neither of us would be terribly happy with.
So without further ado, please meet Lady Jane Grey

and Star.

Head count 18. Happy herd of donkeys, priceless.
And no, I will not be posting pictures of the holes in my head....;>

In other news, the weaving has commenced. Mid winding the warp I changed my mind on the pattern and ended up doing the Celtic Knot pattern shown here.

I'm glad I did too. I am mid way through towel two and have only towel three to weave between today and tomorrow. It's a fast and fun weave. These pics are from towel one.

In other news I would be remiss not to mention that DH Gene is walking on air these days, almost literally. He finally got his paramotor. Since he started paragliding again 3-4 years ago I have heard about nothing but the joys and advantages of motored flight. Yeah..right! In any event the motor arrived in all it's crated glory before the donks did yesterday so we both got to delight in new arrivals!

Parting shot: The Runamuck Spa for Overweight Long Ears


  1. I love it that you have provided companionship for Sugar Foot. They are such neat creatures, and they have hit pay dirt living with you!!!

  2. The towels look wonderful! Donkeys especially have a way of looking lonely on their own! The two new ones are beautiful.

  3. Lucky Sugar Foot to have you to loom out for him - lonely no more!

  4. A donkey spa! They look right at home. You are so lucky to have space for them. And obviously they are fortunate to have you. I was wondering if Sugar Foot would make friends with the horses? or donkeys prefer their own breed? I know nothing of keeping farm animals but I also feel sad to see just one of anything in a pasture.

    The towels are lovely. It prompted me to use my poor printer, it groaned but did the job.

  5. Hurray for Sugar Foot! You are indeed a kind spirit. Must mention that maybe you might consider renaming Lady Jane Grey - the original owner did not have a happy or long life.

  6. Lady Jane Grey is SOOO beautiful! Was Sugarfoot not accepted by the horse herd, or did you keep him separate for his own safety? Regardless, he should be a happy boy now, and they should cost you relatively little in hay. Like ponies and miniature horses, they probably "live on air."

  7. I know everyone is happy, happy, happy! Good move on your part. And the Celtic knot weaving is lovely.

  8. I know what you mean about seeing lonely animals and wondering, what the heck? Would it kill you to at least provide a goat?? Yeah, you're a bleeding heart, but I've never met a bleeding heart that I didn't like. At least that's how I remember it.

  9. I'm so happy that Sugar Foot has his friends now and while the song is a great listen, the meaning does indeed drive home. and as Two can be just as bad as one, I imagine that is how you wound up adding two more! teehee
    the gift for your mom is absolutely gorgeous! She will be so happy to receive it.
    Lucky Gene, his very own, motor something for his "nail biting to you" hobby.
    have a grand and glorious Fall day!
    denise/deBRAT in still hot, still muggy Florida

  10. Congrats on the new additions to your family! You are so right about solitary animals. I drive by a single horse in a large pasture, and he's always just standing in the corner with his head down. Kudos to you for thinking of your animal's happiness.

    Wonderful towels!!

  11. oh! how wonderful....thank you for this so happy end and beginning.