Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How Many Animals Do You Have?

Hilary asked that question on my last post, so really, it should have been updated in the Head Count post.

There are nine dogs. They are in order from oldest to youngest, Dennett,

Peter, Miss Bea, Charlotte, Smoochie, Pogo, Jack, Stella and last on board, Robin.

We have three cats. Rodger the indoor/outdoor house cat ( and champion puppy tolerator..it's my blog and I can make up words if I want to), Buzz and Juno the barn cats.

Three horses also call this home. They are Dandy, Cooper and Nick.
That brings me to Sugar Foot, the mini donkey and a grand total of 16 animals.
I'm just delighted to be in the teens instead of the 20's!

Had hughes.net not been so slow, you might have gotten pics of each and every one of the critters. Consider yourselves lucky!

In other news, the loom is almost ready for weaving. The last picture I took was of her up on bucket stands while I did the 10 treadle tie-up.

I've gotten a little further along and will finish up, tie on and start weaving today.

Over the weekend I went to the Heart of the Basin Quilt Show in Klamath Falls. It was a very small show but the level of quilting displayed could have rivaled any of the larger shows, including Houston. There were some beautiful quilts and it was fun to visit with my friend Sandi from Fabric of Vision as she was a vendor there.

I have managed to do some sewing along with all the other duties tugging at me. Time is running short and the folks are due for their annual fall visit. (That means the annual fall cleaning and God knows, the house sure needs it!) :)

My Mother doesn't read my blog, so I don't feel too worried about showing this. Over the course of a week I have tailored her a beautiful rendition of the Sewing Workshop
Quincy top.

The fabric is a heavier Italian woven shirting in all cotton. It was 60" wide and I eeked a top out of 1 & 3/8 yards. Oh I wish I had had enough to make one for myself from this beautiful fabric. I've embellished with sailboats from a silk tie piece ( Thank you Sandi!), and added a custom embroidered label.

While you can't see it, the inside is completely finished and the garment is heavily top stitched. I'm pretty happy with the level of sewing and detail on this one and hope she likes it. While it is on Rhonda, it is a tight fit since my mom is a few sizes smaller than I am. I will do the final hemming sometime this week and then wrap it up.

Parting shot: Camera,camera in your hand. I'm the prettiest in all the land.


  1. Cute little guys, how can you not love dogs. Richard

  2. That is a beautiful top-I love the fabric. Your dogs look so happy and content-I have 2 jr's and they are the loves of my life. I see you are probably near Klamath Falls-I live above Pacific Terrace in town, board my horse out by the airport, and sew for enjoyment.

  3. Great top....you Mom will love it! And, I always enjoy pictures of your critters!!!

  4. Amish Stories...Well, we do love dogs here, one can not help it. Such boon companions all of them.

    Thanks Cindie, I sure hope so because it won't fit me.

    Hi Mary! I am near Klamath. I live up on Hwy 66 and thank you for the compliment on the top! JRT are great dogs. I adore mine too and why shouldn't they be happy and content. They get to do just what they want every day, punctual room service and lots of good things to bark at and places to dig. ;) Good to meet you.

    LA, glad you enjoy the pics. I need to get some decent ones of Sugar Foot.

  5. We had Hughes.net and were thrilled when our rural Idaho telephone company offered us DSL. My condolences.

    I love the blouse, the fabric and the cut. I'd like to know the pattern you used.

  6. I love the Quincy top. Your work is so professional looking, really.

    I had to think a moment for our animal count:
    Cats, 2
    Goats, 4
    Chickens, 24
    Total 30! Gosh I hadn't realized.