Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Headcount

There has been change around here over the summer. Not only is the kitchen
looking different but the daily routine. I sold the five goats as a spinner's herd and they went off to their new home a few weeks ago. I must admit I miss them most of all. Sylvie's bell was always in the background, their soft morning bleats letting me know everything was okay in our world as I stumbled around in the dark to get breakfast served to any and all outside. The flock went to a nice gal down in the valley, with a small farm and yes, there are horses. I never got to utilize their fine fibers due to our extended cold snowy springs. By the time I could shear, the fleece had long been blown. It is too cold to shear in true spring and often as not a foot of snow on the ground or more and the months long mud season just around the corner. They will be warmer down below and someone will have the benefit of getting that fiber at its best.

The last of the two horses I wanted to move along left Tuesday. Imp, true to his name,
proved to be a bit of a mule when it came to loading in the trailer. Just when we were all ready to cry Uncle and give up, he walked in and that door was slammed shut and locked in the blink of an eye. So began his journey to a new home and new adventures.

So now the farm count is 9 dogs, 3 horses, 0 goats and 3 cats. Still a sizable number of critters. Nick, my sweet little black horse spent the day calling for his friend. By Wednesday morning, he and Cooper were playing as they use to long ago when we were but 3. I am rethinking a guard animal of some sort. A little morning bellwether so to speak. Geese, donkey, something that makes noise when things are not as they should be. I don't need to be guarded, just alerted. My morning routine is much easier and my hay bill will be down by almost half. All things a-okay!

The weather is changing too, Thursday morning found our temps hovering for a bit at 32F and the warmest it got up here was 64F. By the end of the weekend it will be in the high 80'sF and temps only dropping down into the high 50'sF at night.

Parting shot: "Warmth for dignity" or maybe "The heartbreak of hand-me-downs."


  1. I was happy to have the morning low in the 60's!!! It's hard to think of the morning low near freezing at this time of year!!! Robin looks very dapper in his "new to him" jacket...he'll need it!!!

  2. The heart break of hand me downs - such is the lot of a younger sib...ask me I know... Sweet Robin is growing so fast! Glad your hay bill has gone down - expenses are not a fun part of pet ownership. I was thinking we are more likely owned by our animals not the other way around at least that is the way it seems at our house. hugs to all of you

  3. I don't know what it's like to actualy own a donkey but I vote for a donkey.....they're so cute, especially those miniature ones.

  4. It's funny but I was just wondering about your goats. I had to laugh when you described Imp's departure. And I can appreciate an easier morning routine as well as a lower hay bill.

    I can't help but scroll down to admire your kitchen once again. Love the way you did the colors. Love the photo of Robin too. What a cutey.

  5. As the youngest of 5, I vote for the heartbreak of hand me downs.

    Wow..that's a big change in census at your house. Winter morning feeding time will go much faster!

  6. It is always hard to part with the critters we have shared our lives with, but sometimes change is good for the better...
    You'll be weaving yourself a poncho soon if those temps remain so cool.
    And maybe one for the hand-me-down Queen as well.
    Have a great week.
    Susan x

  7. oh...i envy your bravery to be able to move a flock is thr hardest thing on both levels. To care for them so and then to send them off. The reward is to find the right farm where they can carry on. Good that you found it.

    As for Robin...agony. Sweet and shameless.

  8. That is still alot of animals but still must be hard to down size!

    Love, Love, Love your kitchen it is just beautiful! The colors are great it looks like it came out of a magazine!

  9. Our llama alarms very effectively. When three wild horses parked themselves in our vicinity, she turned into a tattle tale. Congrats on the fleet reduction. I wish we could do a little of that.