Friday, March 4, 2011

A Very Good Week Indeed!

I eased into 53 in fine style, (And oh gosh, was elected for another Stylish Award). Tuesday ended up being sunny and warm and it was a joy to walk the main street of Ashland. The Shakespeare Festival is open again and the selection of plays is fantastic this year. The city is coming to life after it's long January-February quiet time. Many shops close after the first of the year for all or part of January.
As a local, it is frankly my favorite time. No crowds, easy parking, good sales and it gets me down to the green belt from the snow belt. What's not to love! Come May, and weekends especially, it will be packed. Plates from all over the country will be spied along the local highways and byways. I always honk and wave when I see New England state plates. I'm sure they think I'm nuts. Once in a while I actually run into folks from
that region and we chat about this and that.

But as usual I've wandered.... The stores were full of fresh spring wares, all of them. More time was spent window shopping than anything. As predicted I did get whooshed into two of my favorites. It wouldn't be a proper birthday without that. And released again with bags in hand. When I saw this big heady "skein" in Web-sters of 12 hand dyed yarns, all different and in my very favorite colors I was in fiber heaven.

It's got beads and loops and all sorts of fun different textures going on. The perfect compliment is Dream in Color Smooshy sock yarn. It would seen the Choo-choo really jumped the tracks on working with all whites and naturals! I also picked up a lovely little something for my Mom on Mother's Day, which I can't show just in case.

Fabric of Vision was the the next heady stop. Mostly basics in plain colors but then there was this.

An Italian woven silk and cotton double weave voile, for lack of a better or more knowledgeable description. I had been eyeing this fabric (along with the plaid I bought for a practical spring coat). It was bite your knuckles expensive but I found a pattern after months of searching that would be just perfect for the 2.5 yards I treated myself too. That's all I'm saying, but this is going to be cut into and soon.

The rest of the booty is all nice shirting materials, cotton sateen in a deep olive green, lovely white tightly woven Pima cotton (which is harder to find than you might think) and a beautiful black/grey shirt weight linen. Lastly, a new Colette pattern for a man's shirt which I'm hoping to do some drafting magic and get a tailored ladies shirt out of it too. We'll see on that one.

Gene fed both the dogs AND the horses, which is a really nice gift. I was able to come home and flop in the comfy chair and just relax. Dinner was take out and easy and good, although we both just wanted to get to the cake and ice cream!

In the last two days, I threw this together and I have to say, these Petite Plus patterns are so well drafted and fun to make. This shirt has absolutely no modifications and fits like a glove. I love the French Cuffs.

I didn't have any buttons to finish it yesterday but I'll remedy that today for sure.

DH thought it quite 70's mod in the fabric choice. It wasn't my favorite when I bought it on line, but it was the best of the stretch cotton I could find and inexpensive too boot. I love it now though and am glad I went for it. Groovy!!!

Parting shot: Jack, who has a work around (or over) for everything!

The door was used to begin with, but he has helped some with paint removal.


  1. Glad to see you had a wonderful time for your birthday...
    That yarn is beautiful... reminds me of the fields of Ireland must be why it is called the Emerald Isle. Can hardly see what you do with it.
    Love the shirt too... it is modish but then all those Amy Butler fabrics seem to find their roots then too.
    You can't keep a good man down... Jack is proof of that.
    Have a great weekend.
    Susan x

  2. It looks like you found the perfect gifts for your birthday!!! Fiber is always a good choice! Jack thinks so, too!!! "Let me help, Mom!"

  3. Happy belated birthday. Looks like you had a lovely one. I could see Ashland in my mind's eye as you were describing the return of the tourists. That happens here too but a bit later when the weather is warmer.
    Looking forward to seeing the projects you make with all the wonderful materials!

  4. Happy Belated birthday!!

    What a nice birthday haul. Looks like a lot of sewing coming up.

    That 12 skeins in one is an intriguing marketing idea....especially for handspun.

    And it looks like Jack is the jumping maniac.

  5. love the shirt and the fabric is great! you can sing Feeling Groovy as you float through your day wearing it!

  6. Lovely way to enjoy a birthday. My name is Sharon and I approve this message :)

  7. what great birthday booty!!!
    Glad you had a wonderful day

  8. "Threw together" she says! LOL. If only I could throw together half as well. Can't wait to see what you do with the voile.

  9. Leigh, Well, okay, maybe I didn't quite throw it together...;) But it was a lot of fun to make. I surprised myself by liking the stretch woven cotton fabric much more than I thought. Not just the pattern but the fabric itself. Nice to work with!

    Cindie, and I am on pins and needles waiting to hear about YOUR adventures at the Expo!

    Sharon, so glad you approve. :)

    Nancy, oh, trying to pass on an earworm! Yes, the shirt ended up being quite the pleasant surprise.

    Valerie, I think so too. I need to grab the skein and do a link, because the colorways are simply brilliant, all of them. Jack is very very athletic. We have a number of half doors in the house and he sails over all of them.

    Hola Renee! Good to hear from you. I'm pretty excited to get some of those fabrics made up too.

    LA, Jack is always helpful and I do agree, fiber is always a good gift choice and I'm lucky enough to have a husband who lets me pick out my own! :)

    Miss Maddie, the yarns will be woven. I've wanted a new bed shawl, something that will look pretty with the new green bedroom colors and this is just perfect. Might even make it out of the bedroom. You're right about the fabrics lately, I like them but often times find the patterns a bit too big and a bit too busy/bright for my taste.

  10. It sounds like you had a grand birthday, with some lovely yarn and fabric coming home with you. I love the soft greens of the yarn as they just remind me of spring.

    What a great blouse! You are on a roll with your seamstress skills and creativity. The bright colors along with the details on the blouse work well together.

    Have a great week, Theresa.