Saturday, March 12, 2011

From Bad to Worse

Between the earthquake in New Zealand and the quake and tsunami in Japan, there's a whole lot of hurt going around the world. I can't do much, but what I can do I will. Here are some links should you also be moved to help a little.

Search Dog Foundation ( thank you Renee!)

Parting Shot: Oh Stella, you don't know how lucky we are.


  1. You are right, we are very lucky indeed. But disasters of this kind will affect us all in some way. Thanks for the links.

  2. It is true our hearts and our wallets could help... A little bit from a lot of individuals add up to a great deal when gathered together...
    Stella is right we are so lucky, let us unite to help those who are not!
    Susan x

  3. You are quite right. We sat and talked about the things we have that so many don't around the world. Even when $$ is tight, we're still rich as far as most of the world goes!

    (I do wonder how millionaires and billionaires sleep at night)

    Interestingly enough, the phrase I'm require to write into the box below to post this comment is 'blesses' Isn't that ironic?


  4. This time I had problems breathing.and I am so far away in such a good place.Yes we have to help.
    I know a billionair.His money is in factories,and places giving work for many peaple so they can take wages home.If he were to free his billion he would have to sell all.That would not help.He is doing a good job.But he gives like the next man.We are all alike.

  5. Good list Theresa. Thanks for doing the legwork.

  6. Can you find room for one more? Stella would approve! The Search Dog Foundation has sent dogs to Japan to help find people. Check out their website at
    Here on the coast we had our own bit of "excitement"with a tsunami evacuation. It was fairly uneventful for us here but not all on the Oregon and Northern CA coast escaped unscathed. I am still dragging from lack of sleep as we got notice at 2 am Friday to prepare to evacuate. What a strange time it has been around the world lately! My post is delayed but will be up soon.

  7. That was a scary morning when I put on the news. On the east coast we didn't hear until morning. I ran though the list of people I knew in harms way on the west coast...we watched in horror for Japan. And now it's even worse for them. It's unimaginable.

    When I first say Stella's face and the title to the blog I thought the worst. Oh phew! She is a doll.

    Thanks for the post and links.

  8. Thanks for the reminder. I'd think of it in the car and mean to - and then forget. I just gave to our favorite relief charity - appreciate the nudge. I cry every time I read the news, it is so excruciatingly painful.