Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Trend Continues

Obviously Old Man Winter didn't get the memo. We have had our usual wild early spring weather. As an added bonus this week, we had 40mph winds to swirl around that falling snow on the day Morgan the farrier showed up. Needless to say the horses were full of beans. Cooper, Dandy and Nick didn't relax and snooze like they all usually do while having their pedicures, but were patient and stood nicely. Imp and Boo were my two wiggly ones, heads up, muscles tense and we all just knew it wouldn't take much to have some absolute silliness on the end of the lead rope, Morgan worked quietly and quickly and we got it all done.

The silk scarf is making progress as it grows on the cloth beam.

I'm ashamed to admit the hemp warp is still nicely laying on the loom waiting for me. But the silk blouse is done except for hemming. I suspect I should have gone up a size. This light drapey fabric is deceiving and while fitting on Rhonda helps a lot I don't have it down to an exact science for all fabrics..yet. ;)

I also threw together a hot pink french terry top out of my own pattern and started another pair of Trio pants. I bought the last of some wonderful fancy cotton Lycra blend fabric wanting it for a trouser type pant but alas, there was no way I was going to make it stretch for that style at a scant 21/4 yards, so went to my TNT (tried and true) flat front pant. I did change up the style, making it a true straight leg and gave it a nice pocket treatment.

They are just awaiting the waistband and hemming to finish. It will be nice to have a pair of dressier pants.

While I didn't get any of the red fabric for a shirt I did find some lovely other shirting fabrics.

All of them cotton and should work up to be pretty blouses. I don't know about anyone else, but whenever I go shirt shopping all I seem to find is rather boring stripes or checks in actual button down shirts or fabrics that are office suitable not for casual wear. One of the most gratifying things about sewing for me is to be able to make a shirt in a fabric I love.

Today I will again attempt to get to town and do some much needed food shopping. A special day is on the horizon and a little celebration needs to be thrown together for that too.

Parting shot: At least someone is still enjoying the snow!


  1. Our extreme weather included a tornado two counties over! Spring can be rather fussy! But at least you have someone who is still enjoying the snow! It is a good time for sewing in your little nook!

  2. You are going to be the most styling around here with all these new clothes. They look great.
    No snow for us just to the west of you, just torrential rain.

  3. As Garrison Keillor said tonight, "Someone reset the winter button to start." At least your snow looks soft and fluffy!

    Love the pocket treatment on those slacks!

    I have a hard time finding tops these days because that wide open de'collete' look is not flattering on me. But I'm not really in the mood to sew tops either. So the old, worn clothes will have to do for now. However I do admire the way you've been tackling the sewing!

  4. Are you using side pockets on the pants? I'm a little shaky on those. I showed my daughter my last blouse today when she picked Alexia up and said - be honest. Does this look homemade? I passed the test. I'm pretty sure she wasn't lying to me.

  5. I love the colour palettes - dark grey slacks, silver grey blouse and the bits of yellow and blue in the scarf.

  6. LA, Tornado's so close, now that's scary and seems awfully early to me too!

    Cindie, Amazing what a little distance will do. Either way though, it's slop.

    Valerie, I missed that GK gem about our winter. I haven't noticed much about a lot of store tops other than there seem to be a lot of ruffles this year. I need to take a peek more closely at some RTW (ready to wear) fashions.

    Sharon, the pockets are on the side panels of the pants, sewn right in with the side seams. I should have put a link to the pattern. Will edit and do that.
    I bet the last blouse looks wonderful. When do we get to see????

    Evelyn, yes, it is a nice palette. The grey is deceiving though and hard to match. It has a bit of lavender in the tone. Pretty though and the fabric was terribly inexpensive since the amount left was so small and the cut will look nice with those pants for sure!

  7. It sounds like your weather has been all over the place! I bet you are tired of the snow and then the mud that comes afterwards...

    I really like your shirt fabric that you chose. Where did you find it? You are so right about being limited by the fabrics on ready made shirts. Boring. It sounds like you are having a grand time sewing! Enjoy yourself!

  8. Spring is just crazy one minute its snowing and the next the sun is out and its warming up!

    You are just one busy girl, I wish I could get done all that you do!