Friday, March 18, 2011

The Making of the Green

If you don't know by now, green is one of my very favorite colors. It's also a hard color to find in both fabric and clothing. Believe me, when I see a pretty garment that fits or a nice fabric in green(s) I'm on it. Fabric of Vision had a beautiful jacquard woven cotton sateen fabric that I just loved and yesterday I cut into it for another Shapely

It's full bodied with great drape and is a pleasure to work with.

I'm wishing they had it in more colors than just this green and a pretty red. I didn't go for the red, as I have other reds in the shirt stash. Maybe I should reconsider that decision. The fabric is so nice.

The first sleeve was done and ready to sew into the arm hole before I packed it in for the day to feed everyone. I didn't want a french cuff on this, just a regular cuff and knew pretty much how I wanted to do this but just in case, I checked with my sewing bible to see if there was a way for a cuff set-up I might like more.

That got me thinking. Many people have commented how they have started or are getting ready to sew again after a long hiatus. I know I took quite a break and even at that, garment sewing was not my forte. So where do I go for information? My sewing bible is an oldie but goodie, Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Sewing ( and it is!), early 80's edition.

It is far better than the newest one which cut out a whole section on garment tailoring and sewing for the home. What Lundell's or Osterkamps's books are weaving, this book is to the home sewist. I couldn't and wouldn't sew without it. You can still get used copies on Amazon. The second book is Clare Shaeffer's Fabric Sewing Guide.

In it she lists just about every fabric known to man and how to sew it. What needle to use, what it's good for, tips and tricks for dealing with it and how to care for it after you've made something beautiful. An indispensable resource. Third up is Sandra Betzina's Power Sewing.

She takes you through each type garment (skirts, pants,etc), how to construct it and why you do what you do with it. Tips and tricks are taken from the garment industry, and often they make construction quite a bit easier. The fourth book you've already seen, The Dressmaker's Handbook of Couture Sewing Techniques. Special treatments and beautiful couture finishes for a special garment or how to make one special!

Now weavers, don't despair, I have been busy although my time weaving yesterday was sucked up by trying to wind a skein of fine silk onto a cone for the scarf warp. I'm sure you've all run into that rogue skein that was just tied up and handled poorly. I swear it took me 40 minutes to get it all untangled from itself and onto the cone. By that point I was tired and cranky and needed some lunch. It may have been the cheese, crackers and fruit but all the dogs came over to "sooth" me......and lick my plate clean.

Parting shot: Clean Ears, the canine equivalent to clean underwear I'm sure.


  1. The green fabric looks gorgeous! Red would be wonderful as well. The book reviews are great - I haven't sewn in years, but used to make all my own clothing. Nice to have such willing soothers! ;)

  2. I love greens too.....and yellows! Oh, you should go back and buy the red too, you'll be sorry if you don't - how's that for enabling?!
    I made friends with my new serger yesterday, very easy to use, much easier to change between regular serging and rolled hem than old serger. The stitches look perfect - life is good.

  3. Wow! love the fabric too. I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog from Leigh's blog, love the pics of your pooches... off to look some more.

  4. It's always nice to see what books others think are great guides! Some of the directions on the pattern guides are not helpful....and I've forgotten a lot of little tricks!

  5. I have a completed blouse upstairs on the ironing board. I don't know how to make buttonholes. Next.

  6. The fabric is gorgeous. I'm just dying to get a feel. Of course, I love green too. I appreciate the book references too. Can always use a good recommendation!

  7. What a nice blouse! You are on a roll with your sewing and you do such a nice job of it. You've almost convinced me to try sewing a garment again. Almost :-) Your projects turn out so nice.

    I'm glad that I found you again. I realized that I was following the wrong camprunamuck :-) I'm glad that I double checked that so that I could read your posts again. Duh.

    Enjoy your day, Theresa.