Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Usual Mud Lament

For two weeks every day has started and ended the same. Snow or rain when I go out to feed: check. Mud everywhere: check. I mean boot sucking mud. Now it sometimes does clear up during the mid portion of the day only to decide to start precipitating 10 minutes before I head out the door in late afternoon. I'm beginning to feel like I have a big black cloud over me in more ways than one.

The weekend was fairly unproductive on all fronts, waiting for lab work for myself to come back and dreading the 6 month vet check up for Dennett. Mine is fine, Dennett's, well waiting on that now too, but there were some changes I knew about. He is beginning to lose muscle mass, one cataract has completely thickened so he only really has limited sight in the other eye, and he has slowed down, even on his much loved walks. I don't think we're going to pull any miracles like we did with his meds three years ago. He looks forward to his meals, he is pain free and he still has his dignity. He'll let me know when it's time and I'll be there for him. Other than love him up every single day, that's all I can do and that's really all that can be done. We can't make this good old dog young again.

On Saturday I tried out the pattern I had picked for the whopping expensive voile fabric and thank heavens I didn't feel so cocky and cut into it. So far, I just can't get a Burda pattern to work for me. This one needed a lot of adjusting before I even cut out the muslin.

Still it's wonky. Even though the waist had been shortened, the over all design was too long, so I cut one side to see if it improved it. The armholes are huge, and I could take tucks there but I don't think it's worth it especially for this fabulous fabric.It means the darts would have to be changed and basically, the whole pattern redrafted. I have another possible pattern waiting in the wings!

Note to self, princess seams are best when they tie into the shoulder, not the armholes. I don't know who they draft for but it isn't me. I don't think I will even bother with Burda in the future no matter how much I like the style.

Afterwards I scrapped everything and cut out my first fly front pant muslin. I'm not cutting the whole thing out, making a pair of shorts really since that's where all the fit magic (and fussiness) happens at the top. Today I'll start in on the construction, zippers, welt pockets and waistband. That should keep me busy! :)

On weaving, there has been a little on the silk scarf. It's quite fine and I'm pretty slow with the two shuttles but it grows a little every day. The warp is completed for the overshot and waiting to be wound on and threaded.

Parting shot: Handsome as ever


  1. What a handsome fellow!!! Lots of personality in that expression! It's a good thing that you tried the pattern out before you cut the expensive fabric!!!

  2. That pattern does look odd. You are so smart to do the muslins first. Such a sweet looking companion.

  3. What a gentle looking soul he is! Sorry to hear that he's having a few more health issues, but it sounds like you are making his life as comfortable and loving as possible.

    It's a good thing you try out muslin first. Good choice on ditching the pattern and just moving on to a different one. I wanted to ask you if you have a favorite vest pattern for using with handwoven fabrics?

    I know just what you mean about mud as our Golden gets muddy every day from our wet backyard. He loves it, I don't :-(

  4. Burda is not for me either. Not sure what fits anymore!!

    Dennett is living a good life with you and his pals.

  5. I did a muslin for pants earlier in the week and bought "real" fabric when I was in town. It's kind of a relief that I can only sew OR weave since they both need the same space. I might be tempted to feel guilty otherwise :)

    I was just on Benita's blog. Apparently you and now I have caused her to wish to sew again. Virus!

  6. The first thing I thought when I read this post was about the mud. I thought at last we had something weather related in common, LOL.

    I know it's sad about Dennett, but he is so fortunate to have you in his life.

    Good luck on the fly muslin. I know you'll figure it out though, because you always do. :)

  7. Thank you all for the kind soothing words about Dennett. He is keeping on keeping on and we enjoy things one day at a time.
    LOTL, I have had good luck with Vogue, Hot Patterns and some of the indy pattern companies, like Sewing Workshop. There are plenty of fish in that sea!
    Leigh, yes, mud related bother is universal! I am having problems with the fly front, but I found a wonderful tutorial on line and I think it will give me my Eureka moment. I sure hope so!
    Sharon, maybe I should head over to your place for help on these fly front zippers!
    Judy, I have yet to find a favorite vest pattern, in fact vests more than anything have given me sewing fits. What is it with such a seemingly simple garment that I can't get one I like.
    Ah yes, muddy paws, and those are probably some big paws too! At least we have a "mud room" that they enter before the house proper, but they all make a beeline for the sofa's, of course. I do love the throws I found to protect them, waterproof and mud proof!

  8. Give Dennet a very tender love from me. We are in the same place with old Sidney and there is nothing to do but wait and care for him. It is the hardest part. They are both absolutely beautiful boys.