Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oh NO! More SNOW!

So last Friday produced a 10 inch dumping of the wet white, followed by a weekend of flurries and white outs, sun, torrential rain, graupel and lots and lots of mud. Footprints through the white substance produce our own particular version of black holes! My mud room, which is the gateway to the dog pen, earned it's name, as did the hallway and the kitchen. Stella suffered the utter heartbreak of mud butt from sitting out in it. Just one side mind you. The utter heartbreak part was having her haunch scrubbed and oh while you're here, lets do those toenails. Tell me again why a white dog was so appealing last May?

The poor weather also allowed me to finish gathering for a book giveaway. So heads up, look for it next week. There are some nice ones in the batch.

The Bernina and I got reacquainted after her spa treatment of internal fuzz busting and oiling. She runs like a Swiss clock. Not surprising since she is Swiss made (not maid!). I found that I much prefer her zipper foot to the Brother machine and yes, comparing stitches she does have better stitch quality, but not by much. I do like that I can adjust the presser foot pressure and for slippery or fine fabrics this will be the machine of choice. We whipped out another pair of jeans together.

This time in denim red Tencel with more topstitching. I love this pattern but it's time to put it away and start on some new patterns.

Why the complete take over of sewing? Well, I would like some pretty new pieces for my trip and more importantly, I also want to perfect some patterns. If I am going to weave cloth by gum I want to know that the pattern will work for a good fitting finished garment even if it my weaving might be just a trim or contrasting design. I'm also getting my skill set in order for that lined spring coat I want to make and I'm doing it by making a lined winter coat in the same pattern. I found some nice and inexpensive wool coating from Vogue Fabrics that will be the wearable ( I have high hopes), test garment.

The silk scarf moves slowly. It's fine and it's a two shuttle color weave. I am slow, I daydream, I get interrupted and then I remember, what's the hurry really. I enjoy my weaving guilt free, whether I'm fast or slow. I would like this off the loom though as I found a pattern that calls for a scarf neck treatment and wouldn't it be nice to showcase this lovely silk scarf that way? Indeed!

For now though I'm working with some commercial silk. Cut on the bias for a drapey summer top.

It's evil slippery but oh so pretty feeling next to the skin. (It will help me when I get to working with the bemberg lining fabric). It was a clearance fabric, a scant 2 yards was all that was available so my options were limited.

That can be a good thing. I would likely never try a top like this otherwise and was surprised how nice it looked just trying it on with the pins in it and no sleeves.

Sadly, when I checked for the red fabric like the green I used in the Shapely Shirt, there was not enough to make a blouse with. They did have some deep royal purple, but it's not a color I wear or will remotely match anything in my small wardrobe other than black or white.

The farrier comes this week. Should be fun slogging through the gate mud getting horses in and out. I'm hoping it will at least not be precipitating on us. I think that's a pretty modest request.

Parting shot: I still love you after the evil cleaning and clipping, now pick me up for a cuddle!


  1. This is already proving to be an interesting Spring. Sorry about the mud!!!! Stella seems to have survived, though. The silk blouse is amazing....good for you!

  2. Graupel - new word of the day! I am amazed at the snowfall. You are sewing up a storm though and that red outfit is really lovely. Yeh for the Bernina - I have one 40yrs. old still ticking away beautifully.

  3. You're such an ambitious soul... and you'll be the belle of the ball with that fine Spring wardrobe.
    I often wonder what our critters would say if they could talk, especially about the disliking of having a bath!
    Keep thinking Spring.
    Susan x

  4. I am so with you on the mud and snow. It is almost deFEETing. Our Kalie has taken to rolling in the manure pile and so, like, you a daily scrub!
    Will I see that beautiful rose pant and sweater in NH this year?! It looks to be a beautiful combo. You really are a sewing machine!

  5. How nice to see your sewing,I like the colors of your pants and sweater.Snow just the word makes me sigh now.There is an avalanch over the road one way,and danger of one the other way.So we eat what we have .This is nothing compared with the rest of the world.But a bit frustrating.Spring will be welcomed. Have a nice trip.

  6. Oy, that's a lot of snow and slop! We're enjoying some sun before another wet front moves in tonight.

  7. Oh dear! You are getting the snow this year aren't you? It seems like winter doesn't want to let us go even though it is spring's turn. I keep waiting and hoping for that day when it smells like spring. We have early blooming plants blooming, and humming birds! Hang in there. At least you have been beautifully productive!

  8. LA, it has been am interesting early spring just about everywhere hasn't it! The spot wash certainly didn't dampen Stella's spirit. I swear she's such a wiggle worm
    but she was good for the toenail clip.

    Oh Evelyn, you lucky dog, I hear those older Berninas are just wonderful. Is it the 830?

    Susan/Miss Maddie, I have an idea of what they might say. I suspect endless questions about why we get what we do for dinner and why don't they!

    Nancy, you just might depending on weather. If I remember correctly it was quite cold last year at the festival. EEUUWWW, manure rolling is terribly unpleasant. Fat Sam loved cow pies. nuff said.

    Alette, hope you can get out soon. Avalanches are serious business.

    Michelle, it is slop. This time of year is always messy. A friend's husband has coined it as mud and blood season. They have a large flock of sheep and a lot of lambs this year.

    Renee, ME TOO! That first warm breeze spring can't come fast enough.

  9. That's pretty much my story too. Sewing is still a point of discovery, and I'm not in love with the Brother zipper foot, which I discovered today. And now I've promised away my machine with the good foot. Oh well, I can always go outside and make snow angels.