Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Three, Three, Three Times the Fun

Or work. Once I start really in on the threading it will be work. Warping the triple width went surprisingly well. Not a single thread broken, didn't take endless amounts of time, a no tears wind on. The one modification I did make was changing out the raddle. It was only a slight delay figuring out how to attach the 1/2" sectioned raddle over the built in Louet Raddle, which I taped up so there was no chance of threads catching on it.

I still kept to the same epi I used for the first triple weave blanket.

Stats on this one are:
Harrisville Shetland for both warp and weft (the white is a bit of Pendleton wool I have).
Triple width, plain weave, 6 shafts, 6 treadles
30 epi in the reed (10 epi would be the single layer sett)
33 inches should yield close to 99 inches opened.
990 ends plus fishing line at selvages and folds.

Gene was extremely helpful with the beaming on. I simply couldn't have done it without him. A weighted warp would have been fine with just about any other material, but the Shetland wool at this density likes to really grab itself and twist up, snagging on the raddle , so having eyes watching was a necessity. I get the back of the loom by the lease sticks, another place where it all likes to snag and grab. Sorry no pictures of my helper. Once we get into it, we're into it. This one was on in a little over a half hour.
The rolling table was extremely handy.

The last knitted sleeve grows slowly. I have about 10 inches done and really need to get a move on it. The sweater needs to be sewn together before I can finish up the neck ribbing. Sewing up a sweater isn't my least favorite task, but it certainly isn't high up on the list of things I like to do. It's always rather slow and tedious.

On farm news, I have deemed it dry enough to get Cooper out for the first ride of 2010.
While he can be a little heavy in the bridle and sometimes feels like a slow moving freight train, he's always dependable and patient and is the best horse for both building confidence and seeing just how out of riding shape I'm in. No doubt we'll both be winded by the time we get back to the barn.


  1. The new blanket warp looks great! I love the colorful stripes!!! Great combo!

    I like how you taped the raddle to the castle for this one.

    Rest assured that my spinach salad with blueberries & olives ended up with lots of non-fruit and veggie toppings too....egg, bacon, cheese. Does that make it any better??

    Bailey's scratching at the door. He left with Jim for an XC ski in all our new snow (8-10 inches) but decided he'd rather be inside and warm I guess.


  2. I wanted to do a blanket but its taken me forever to get just a scarf on the loom. Will maybe I'll get faster as I do more. Can't wait to see the sweater done!

  3. The warp colors are lovely! I forgot to send you the draft, but I promise to fix that soon. Cheers!

  4. Triple width with a sticky warp? Ok, I'm impressed!

  5. I love the colors and your stripe pattern! It'll be no time and you'll be cuddled up in this blanket - I can tell you have a mission!

  6. I think it's astounding that the principles of weaving are the same, yet the look of each loom can be so different. My warping and winding on bears no resemblance to yours!

  7. I like this stripe pattern too. Planned it as I was measuring out the warp.
    Jennifer & Renee, it is a sticky warp, but rest assured, I thought of doing something with mohair and triple width and wisely ditched that idea. For blankets, mohair single width or weft only.
    Sharon, warping is sort of like people, the principles are the same but we each are so different.
    Sue, I watched the Brittany at Westminster, thought of you and Bailey....
    Yes, the additions do make it sound better, but, being me no matter what, I would have picked the black olives ones okay, black ones...Gene likes them. ;-)

  8. Bailey would never make it as a show dog (esp. now). We did a long snowshoe when we first got snow this week, and the snow felted his leg hair. Poor guy. I had to trim off all the mats so his coat is a little bit weird at the moment!

    I'm in warp winding hell....why did I decide to pick finer threads and a wider project all at once? 1395 ends...urgh. At least your wide blanket gives me the idea that it's not impossible to deal with that many ends!

    Only one more month til it's officially spring!