Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cleaning Off the Nightstand

My January trip meant a fair amount of reading, both on the journey and during the visit. Some books from my list and others that popped into my hands unexpected.
The Devils Brood by Sharon Kay Penman was just awful. Both dull and long and unfinished will go into the giveaway pile. On the other hand Wolf Hall by Hillary Mantel left me wanting more. I loved it. I also found a new to me mystery writer. C. J. Sansom and have consumed two of his books so far, Dissolution and Dark Fire both set in Tudor England. A P.D. James mystery kept me entertained during the flight back, Devices & Desires. It was a good choice for a long trip and I thoroughly enjoyed it along with Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell & Know by Alexandra Horowitz

Now usually when books are removed and the stacks reordered I still have little room on the nightstand, but with my early birthday gift from my parents that has all changed. (Yes, Half Broke Horses is still there waiting and Heaven and Earth is being consumed at a very slow rate.) For future reading I have a new Kindle 2 and I have to say, I am really happy with it. ( threading hook for size perspective)

Last night I downloaded two books, instantly and I don't have to think about where to put them after they are done. If I want them off my Kindle I can delete them but they will always be on my Amazon account should I want to download them again. It's not perfect, I still covet my knitting and weaving books and have no desire to have those on the Kindle, but for the usual consumption of reading material I am smitten. Another bonus for me is not having tired hands holding open a large book

and of course, when I travel I can take as many books with me as my heart desires and not have a carry on that weighs a ton. That leaves much more room for knitting projects on the go! The case ( Courtesy of Kindle Chaos) I found for it is pretty nice too.

Padded but with perfect cutouts for the controls. It is a flip style with an easel stand so I can rest it on my chest when reading in bed or have the read to me feature on which allows me to knit while reading.

Not all books have the text to speech option but the FREE Sherlock Holmes books I downloaded do as do many others.
Oh the two books downloaded....The Owl Killers by Karen Maitland and Sovereign by C.J. Sansom.


  1. How Cool! I have been thinking about getting one of those, but I do struggle with migraines from reading off the computer screen too long. How do you find the screen of the Kindle???? It doesn't quite have the charm of curling up with a book - but as you said one doesn't get tired hands from a large one! Amazon also allows for downloads to your PC if you so choose to store that way - I'm not sure then how one transfers from one to the other. Does Kindle 2 have the system for connecting and downloading wireless to Amazon? So cool! I'm jealous!

  2. I have had my Kindle for a year, and I LOVE it! No weaving or knitting books on it though...

  3. what a wonderful birthday present! I miss reading, I run out of hours in my day - the same pile has been sitting on the nightstand for ages. I do enjoy books on cd while weaving though.........

  4. Thank you for talking about the Kindle! I've seen them on Amazon but have not been convinced. I'm so old fashioned that I just like pages to turn. Still, a Kindle seems a better alternative to reading an online book via a computer screen.

    I'm impressed with all the reading you've gotten done. Are you a fast reader?

  5. Leigh, I am a fast reader when I finally sit down uninterrupted. You know, no one likes books more than me, but honestly, I am not missing page turning nor book holding, plus there is the paper use issue. I doubt print books will ever truly go, at least I hope not, but at some point I am hoping that ebooks make a real dent in our paper consumption. The other thing I forgot to mention that is wonderful is you can download 5-10% of many books as a free sample. Read it, if you like it buy, if not you've saved yourself time and money.
    Cindie, Audible books are available for the Kindle too. I think Amazon owns Audible.
    Anna, good to hear you are still happy with your Kindle after a year.

  6. I belong to two book clubs. In the second one, I am the one physical book reader. A librarian neighbor visited yesterday and left a lot of pre-pub books. I think about being a Kindle person but - I have an Amazon order in transit right now. Until I get past the thrill of the physical copy, I'm not there yet. Books have a smell and I still like to see them on the shelf. I will finish East of Eden tomorrow and will have the pleasure of putting it on the shelf. But I hear you.

  7. Oh Sharon TWO book clubs! That's ambitious.
    I think everyone gets the idea it's either one or the other. I certainly will come home with physical books
    and with the sampling, I might choose to buy a hard copy instead of an e-copy. There's room and readers for both.

  8. Thanks for posting photos and a review of your kindle. I really like your cover. I got the basic Amazon one for My DX. When I got mine (last week) I listened to the "about your Kindle " or what ever it was called - via the text to speach - which sounded like a robot. Does it actually sound better when they read actual books? (in a human voice). Maybe I'll give that feature another try.

  9. I'm glad you like your Kindle! I'd like anything encased in that cool cover!!

    I never knew they let you sample books. That's a great feature, because I'm one of those people who thinks almost any book looks worth reading, only to find that some aren't for me. Samples sound like a huge help there!

    Happy reading!!


  10. oh i'm so glad you like the Kindle, I remember reading you were not sure about it. but yes, it frees up the hands when needed and all the other options for page turning are still available should you find you just have to have a physical page to turn on one or two! I have not made the jump yet to the kindle, but it remains on the dream of some day list once all other things settle down.

    denise/deBRAT -in tampa bay