Saturday, February 6, 2010

Maiden Warp

Finally, after a long tie the treadles session, we're up and weaving on the new to me Hollandia, who still hasn't found her name.

She is a bit fussy with her tie up in comparison to Hey Baby, but not any where near as contentious as tying up the Barbara V loom. It was, after all, our first time too.

This loom came with a bench. I don't think it's a Louet bench but it is beautifully made and I love the end pieces that allow me to tip it and lock it in at a slight angle. It is a thoughtful and well executed piece of equipment.

As always, Jack just has to get into the picture. I lifted up the sheepskin so he HAD to come over and check it out.

The 8/4 rug warp sett at 12 epi MIGHT be a little open, but my experience with cotton is that it shrinks quite a bit and I'm thinking a tighter sett could make the fabric too stiff. I made a threading error, fixed it with the addition of homemade heddle and another warp thread hung off the back. I stopped short of re-sleying.

If it was a longer run (only 3 yards) or gift towels, I would do it. For use in our household, they are just fine and I'm not so sure once the whole thing is put in the washer and dryer to shrink and finish it might be a none issue all together. Unlikely, but hope springs eternal. A little more sampling to do and then I will start in on the towels proper

Yesterday was like most Fridays; my town day. It was an easy and quick one, two stops. Websters ( of course) and the grocery store. Ah yarn and food, the sustenance of life. ;-)

I didn't need any yarn, but this beautiful Lantern Moon yarn ball container came home with me. It's a silvery mocha although it was very hard to choose with so many pretty colors.
I have been looking at the pottery ones here and there on Etsy, but being breakable have held off. A silk one will handle the wag of a tail or a curious nose pushing it around with dignity, not to mention a butterfingers knitter!

The best part of the whole trip was the ride down. Just after the summit I rounded a corner and there, in the middle of the road was a big beautiful Bald Eagle. He saw the car and strutted his stuff over to the side of the road, wings out just to let me know if we tried anything he was all business. I was watching to make sure he wasn't hurt in some way. After getting to the shoulder he still wasn't comfortable with me there, so took one good running leap and swooped up into a fir tree where he literally lorded over me. I parked the car on the shoulder and watched him for a good five minutes.
He preened, opening that wing span for a birds eye view. Not a feather was a miss and
after showing off, he took off in search of thermals and food . Looked like a promising day for both.

While we have a good population of eagles it is always a treat to see one so close and this one was a good healthy looking specimen, mature and in great plumage. I secretly wished he would drop a feather or two from the preening, but no such luck.


  1. The eagle was certainly a great treat! I love that you parked and sat for a while. That is great!

    I wonder if you should give the Hollandia a Dutch name.... Glad you are enjoying the new so very much!

  2. I've thought about those Lantern Moon yarn boxes too - they're beautiful. I've also looked at the yarn bowls which look great for sitting in one place knitting but many times my knitting is on the go. Love that tilting loom bench - what a great idea.

  3. Our eagle population is building nicely too, since the James River is cleaning itself of the kepone that was polluting it for so many years and killing the fish.

  4. What a great eagle sighting!! Unexpectedly seeing a spectacular animal is one of my favorite things!!

    Remember how totally loose my bookmarks looked? One good wash and dry did really tighten things up.

    You could weave in a stick, cut off and wash just to see. Or just keep going!! I hate the idea of re-sleying too!


  5. PS: I totally thought of you and the dancing lobster sculpture when I posted the birds last night. Funny that it reminded you of that too!


  6. I like being associated with a dancing lobster, wonder if I can find a bobblehead one! ;-)
    And thank you reminding me of the bookmarks. Fingers crossed that double dented thread will blend in once it's all shrunk.

    Cindie, the yarn box is quite nice but could use a little weight, hence the invention of the yarn box rock.....

    LOTL- How wonderful eagles are coming back. I'll bet a lot of species are returning.

    Jennifer, great idea. In fact I have a couple I am rather liking, Frieda and Hannah, leaning towards Hannah..
    If the handsome fellow(or lady) had stuck around I would have too.

  7. Sounds like a nice trip and I love the yarn ball holder. Don't you just love Lantern Moon they always have such pretty stuff!

    Your weaving looks wonderful and believe it or not I have the startings of to scarfs on my loom!

  8. i love that you always find time in your day to "adjust" to what might come your way. You are a busy womand with lots to do but you always make time for the Creator's gifts of wonder.

    thank you for sharing your day(s) once again.

    denise/deBRAT in tampa bay where we have Osprey and such but most we see in our personal little area of hte world are some chattering squirrels and fat lazy morning doves.