Sunday, February 28, 2010

Showing Off

I certainly don't have anything to show you at this point, but a weaver near and dear to me certainly does!

My Father, who had his first rug warp on the Harrisville Collingwood loom interrupted this winter due to surgery, is both feeling well and weaving beautifully. I have been getting progress reports and pictures as the rug moved along until yesterday when it was finally completed and thrown down for daily use.

What a beauty! I am unsure of the sett, maybe 6 epi and I know he used shaft switching. The warp is linen ( 11 or so yards are on the loom) and the weft is three strands of Harrisville Highland for each pass.

As you can see, the rug itself already has a following! The two cherubs would be Foxy and Omar, true queen and king of the domain. They made final finishing a tad tricky I'm told.

Now my lazy butt has been planted in a number of places, the blanket warp is almost completely threaded, I am over half way through filling up a bobbin with some really pretty variegated green lace weight singles and the sweater sleeve is just about at the decrease stage. I also found a pillowcase pattern for Hannah's next warp. For those that have saved or acquired old Handwoven's, it's in the May/June 1989 issue, page 45, a two block basket weave. They have done it in 10/2 natural cotton, but I am going to be using 20/2 organic unbleached for a finer texture. This pattern will use all of the Louet's 8 shafts.

Nothing to report farm wise. The mud is so nasty at the gate area I've been driving Bob up to a back part of the paddock to dole out hay morning and night. On my way up I spring the girls loose.

They race past Bob and through the wooded area, bleating, bells ringing and crashing through undergrowth loud enough to wake the dead or at least get the dogs barking in the house. Ah, music to my ears, but not always Gene's! The snow was an overnight wonder a couple of days ago. Lasted through the morning and then melted down to brown. I did get to enjoy it if even for only the wee hours of the morning.

And speaking of dogs, my friend Linda ( who I really need to call and say Hi to) sent me this gem. Kudos to the advertising people for Pedigree. I don't feed your food but I appreciate that while you make commercials that cause me to cry and part with cash in other ways ( Adoption drive) you also make ones that put a smile on my face. I think all you dog owners will enjoy this really lovely minute and half.
Thanks Linda, I thought I caught all the good ones during Westminster, but you sent me the one I hadn't seen.

Footnote, I hope all the New England visitors are able to read this post. You guys had quite the wind event and I hope you are all safe and sound, warm and dry and have your power back.


  1. Your Dad is quite the weaver, I am impressed.
    Beautiful rug.

  2. Those rugs are works of art!

  3. gorgeous rug!

    The girls are ready for that hay!

  4. Your Dad's rug is incredible!
    And what is that on the floor nearby? I was thinking it looked like tile but then it looked like it's raised up a bit.

    I hadn't seen that pedigree commercial eithet - it's great.

  5. Theresa, do you follow Woodland Woolworks' blog? If not, check this out:

    I'm no weaver, but that looks AMAZING to me!

  6. What a gorgeous rug!!! Very cool! (I'm also curious about whatever is next to it on the floor!)

    (And Michelle - thanks for that link. I didn't know about that blog!)

    We're the opposite of you weatherwise... during the wind & rain our snow was melted for less than a day. But then it snowed overnight so it's white again. As you'll see from my blog, we were without power for a day, and are still without internet. Thanks for the well-wishes!!

    Somehow it seems weird to me that Harrisville yarn like I used for Jim's sweater can also turn into a rug. I feel like I'd be afraid to walk on it. Congrats to your dad!!!


  7. The rug next to the one my Dad did is actually wood.
    It's painted and polyied and kind of neat in that it folds up. My folks bought it in Jacksonville OR on one of their visits here. They also have a set of wood placemats that match, which I gifted then that Christmas.
    Cindie, glad you liked the short youtibe video. I find it fascinating to see the expressiveness of dogs slowed down. Very cool.
    Sue, we'll keep watching for when you get back on line. Take the best of care and glad power is on for you.
    Everyone, thank you for the compliments on my Dad's rug. He's turning into a really accomplished weaver I think.

  8. what shop was that wood rug bought in? I want to go look at them..........of course, that's assuming it wasn't a long time ago.

  9. Your Dad's rug is fabulous!!!! He's a wonderful weaver!!

    Wooden rug sure is interesting!!!!

  10. I have rug envy. Your dad's rugs are spectacular! I also have that issue of Handwoven, thanks for Lee Ann's Handwoven stash that accompanied Goldie. I wish I could have met her, but I'm certain she would be pleased to know her beloved equipment and carefully acquired library are in good and appreciative hands. I'll keep my eye on your project.

    Michelle sent me that wonderful Pedigree video and I sent it to my young grandson. He loves animals and emails make him practice reading.

  11. agreeing with everyone... congrats to your dad on making a lovely rug! good to see you on-blog and love those updates of the farm too. keep well, denise/deBRAT no snow but darn cold tampa bay florida

  12. OMG those rugs are awesome!
    I'm glad he is feeling better and using that really cool loom.

  13. What great rugs, they are just beautiful! Your Dad is one great weaver!

  14. This rug is just amazing, it's a real piece of art!