Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Curling, It's Not Just for Watching

In fact if it hadn't been for all those curling matches I probably wouldn't have been able to sleep half as much as I did. Let me back up to bring you up to speed (that would be slow) on the lost ah... last week. Two words: Sinus Infection. In fact the sinus infection from hell. I can't remember a time when I really did nothing but feed animals and the rest of the time spent in bed. Now I did read a little bit, knit a little bit and the daytime Olympic programs had some decent highlights but beyond that, a lost week. It wasn't until yesterday when I woke up feeling more myself. The blanket threading went from almost zero to over half threaded, the sleeve has grown inches and I even managed to catch a bit of the night time Olympic figure skating. I say a bit because NBC's coverage has me nuts. If they are going to do us on a delay, even in the same time zone, can't we get more than 10 minutes of something else besides skiing at a time? As usual, great Olympics, lousy coverage. Nuff said on that front.

I did however feel the need to dust around my studio and organize a little. The shuttles for one thing needed to be cleaned and have a little polish, and they make such a pretty collection, I couldn't resist showing them off just a little.
From left to right ( towards Rodger's pointy little head):

The first four are all Jenkins shuttles, of which the quilted maple is my most loved shuttle. It was my first shuttle and I wish now I had bought both the quilted maples ones available.
After the four Jenkins shuttles comes a Bluster Bay Shuttle in Curly Black Walnut. This is a nicely made shuttle also, but I deduct points because the rod that holds the bobbin only comes up enough to allow the bobbin on and snaps back, making it harder to thread through the slot. A small thing I know, but all the Jenkins have an upright position you can put the bobbin rod into making it very easy to thread.
Next up is a Schacht low profile shuttle and while it is not my favorite it is colorful and comes in quite handy for the Woolhouse Carolyn table loom.
Following is one of two Schacht End Feed shuttles and these are my second favorites.
Last, but not least, is an older LeClerc shuttle and I like this little one a lot. Nice weight, feels good in the hand and well finished. If I only had a choice of the mass produced Schachts or LeClerc boat shuttles, I would go LeClercs, hands down, better weight, better finish at least judging from these older shuttles I own.

Next up are the rug shuttles although I have put my second little LeClerc shuttle out because it's such a pretty dark color. The two rug shuttles on the ends are LeClercs, both bought used. The two in the middle are Schachts, one rug, one ski shuttle.
Other than the stick shuttles I was gifted in January from Sue, this is it in my collection. A little something to cover most circumstances!

Now, you can see a little progress on the blanket. I managed to get just an inch or so past center before I quit for the day on loom stuff. Today I'll try to make good progress in the second half. Three of the drawing batches of yarn have shipped out, three are packed and waiting on the next trip to town, so winners, they will be to you soon.

On farm news, after a glorious week of lovely sunny weather that I didn't get to enjoy, it snowed yesterday and last night. Looks like about 5 inches. The snow amounts here have been pitiful and we are very happy for anything we can get.

I got a good look at the phantom cat I saw a few weeks back. One morning while zoning out at my desk (and trying to swallow an antibiotic the size of a horse pill) I saw him/her. Looks well cared for and my bet is it has a home it goes to. Someone (Juno?)
left me a mouse on the front porch as a get well gift. I have but the mouse........
I clipped Dennett down. He grows such a dense coat that when he starts to shed it gets matted, so it's easier to just clip him, then vacuum and brush like crazy for a while.
Unlike most of my dogs he enjoyed his bath too. Of course in his 17 years he's had a lot of time to get use to them. For the last week we had our own little Olympic sport, Syncronized Snoring, he on his bed right beside me on mine. :-)


  1. Glad you are feeling a little better! Sinus infections are the devil. I have a mononucleosis patient in my house with horrifying tonsils.

    Everyone snores but not all get medals. Be proud.

  2. Glad you are feeling better. Thanks for the shuttle tour. Sure wish Ed was still making shuttles, those Jenkins shuttles make my hands twitch!

    Enjoy the progress on your blanket. Can't wait to see more.

  3. Oh - that sounds horrible - I'm glad you've found some relief!
    I've been watchin a great deal of the Olympics on-line at You may be able to get more of what you want that way - or at least supplement in the event you'd rather see!

  4. Sorry you've been so sick! But I'm glad you are feeling better. I have that Zebra looking shuttle, haven't used it yet but I like the look.

  5. Gorgeous shuttle collection!! I looked at the Jenkins website too - only to be disappointed to see that they don't make shuttles right now. So sad!!

    Glad you're feeling better. I'm so glad I have a DVR so I can fast forward through so much of the filler in the Olympic coverage. It is kind of baffling how they put it together....and it would drive me crazy to watch it without our trusty DVR. (OK - most TV drives me crazy without it!)

    Good progress on the blanket!!! If you can weave wide, so can I, right?? (I get more worried about getting so bored during threading that I give up!)

    Think spring!!


  6. Nothing worse than a sinus infection!!!!!! Glad you're feeling better!!!!

    Great collection of shuttles. Zebra sure is cool!

    Love the colors of your blanket.

  7. Nothing worse than a sinus infection!!!!!! Glad you're feeling better!!!!

    Great collection of shuttles. Zebra sure is cool!

    Love the colors of your blanket.

  8. OH, sinus infections are killers - so glad you're starting to feel better.

    Hope you bring the blanket to guild for show and share next month!

    And yes, terrible olympic coverage - makes no sense at all how they flit from sport to sport in the evenings.

  9. Thanks for sharing your shuttle collection. I'm itching to add another one to mine. I have two Howe shuttles and the same LeClerc as you, and then two Gilmore shuttles that I absolutely hate. I was so excited for your feedback on Jenkins that I did a Google search and find that he no longer makes them. Treasure yours!

    So sorry you're under the weather. February is the worst month of the year to ail - that's my opinion. I sure hope you rebound yesterday.

  10. I'm glad you are feeling better. I'm just getting over the cold from hell also and have had no energy for weeks. Doesn't it just drive you nuts - you want to do so much and have no energy to do it...

    I love your shuttle collection photos - I out to do that also - it would at least remind me of what I have.

    As far as the olympics - I'm burning out on them. Watch them every night but fall asleep pretty quickly. At least last night they had the Bobsleds - something different.

  11. Thank you all for the well wishes. I am surprised at how much this sinus trouble has taken out of me.
    I don't think I've had to take antibiotics in over 12 years. BTW, for anyone else having to take antibiotics, Activa yogurt really does help.
    You know I believe Ed Jenkins will still make shuttles by special order only if any one is really wanting one.
    They really are super nice!