Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bring On the Torch

Tomorrow is the start of the 2010 Winter Olympics, in case you didn't know! :-) I for one will be tuning to see the figure skating, skiing, luge, bobsled ( is there a Jamaican team this year?) speed skating and curling. Okay, the curling is good to nap too, but it looks like it could be quite fun to play. I do have broom skills and you can read that any way you wish! Sweep or fly you never know!
To every Olympian, I raise a toast in recognition of all your hard work to get to where you are.

Now lest you think I've been lallygagging, I assure you, I haven't. The towel run is off the Hollandia ( Hannah is her name), washed, dried and ready for pressing and hemming. They are decent for home use. The weave tightened up quite a bit, but no, the double dented thread is still showing although lessened. So, basically no matter what resley even if you know it's going to shrink to high heaven. I'm sure my mentor Nadine would have told me that, maybe even bit her tongue not telling me, but some things you just have to experience for yourself! Lesson learned. Pictures coming soon.

A brand new Prayer Flag warp has been measured out and is waiting on the Murphy Loom. It was hard starting this.

I have two flags to do first off. One for Rudy and one for Angel and I know it will be emotional writing out the prayers. In good healing way though.

I have also started in on the second triple width blanket warp. Think stripes which might become plaid depending on how my supply of Harrisville Shetland color Suede is looking.

What fun would weaving be without a few little surprises I ask? I am going to warp this through my loop raddle instead of the built in one on Hey Baby ( Delta). I think it will be easier on the threads warping on in inch sections instead of the 6 ends per itty-bitty spacing on the Delta raddle. I liked the hand on the first blanket and wanted to keep the 10 epi (30 epi in the reed). This blanket will be 99 inches wide with 990 ends total plus the fishing line for fold and selvage edges. The picture only shows part of the stripe sequence which will be yellow,blue,white, dark green and tan. Remember, the stripes will show as 1/3 the number of end in 3 spots on the completed blanket.

Farm news might as well be a mud report. Brown, deep and predicted to last a good long while. Small efforts on the laundry mound. A short round of toenail trimming. Gene is taking Pogo to the vet ( she is a saint I tell you) to have his nails clipped as I will no longer put my fingers in jeopardy. Don't think I haven't dreamed of a little plywood pillory or a set of stocks for the monster. Pogo is lucky to have such a patron as Gene. Me too!

I'll be posting the drawing winners tomorrow. In fact, there will be a sixth batch, since I culled just a bit more from my stash. Really, I am blessed to HAVE so much to be able to spread it about.


  1. wooohoo more stash reduction for you and an extra (6th) chance for us! Not too mention the local animal needs to be donated to also. :)

    I will watch in wonder as you do your triple weave for yet another gorgeous blanket!

    I have rcv'd my rigid heddle harp and finally the stand is together and so she sits waiting for me to do the first warp! i'm rather unnerved by her after all. she was to be a 24" with extra heddle and somehow she became a 32" with stand and the extra heddle and for the same price! so as she is so much larger than planned for i'm rather nervous about her first warping!

    oh well, i have you and your lovely blog links to give me inspiration still. have a grand and glorious day

    denise/deBRAT who say fish scales in teh colorful clouds at sunrise this morning. I like this time of day when arriving at work. lovely sky to welcome me just before i swipe my key card to go in the door

  2. Jamaica failed to qualify this year, but you can still cheer on an underdog. The small country of Ghana (I think thats the spelling) has sent their first ever winter oylmpian. The "Snow Leopard" will be competing in the mens downhill slolam race.

    I am so glad I don't work downtown Vancouver. Living in the subburbs has its advantages during the games.

  3. What beautiful colors of stripes Theresa! I am going to turn my Harrisville shetland into a blanket soon, only doubleweave I think.

  4. I just learned this morning that the bulldog rescue from which we adopted Dozer has gotten in even more bulldogs. I'm toying with doing a scratchboard portrait of Dozer and donating some prints of it to sell for the rescue's benefit. Barring that, I will donate needed supplies....

  5. I just love the Olympic sppols of color - you know you could have photographed them from one end or the other to get the rings....

    Take your time with the prayer flags - that will be a good amount of healing!

    Love the name Hannah!

  6. I am so inspired by your prayer flags that I am contemplating a prayer flag warp myself.

  7. I think the Olympics (especially winter) is one of the few reasons I wish we had TV.

    The warps on the warping board look great. Makes me look forward to the time when I can get to my loom again!

  8. Denise,
    How exciting on the rigid heddle loom. I have never used one but they sure look like fun! I know Sue at Life Looms Large has one.

    Mary, I'll watch out for Ghana! I can only imagine what Vancouver will be like over the next two weeks. I hear it's a beautiful city though.

    Ladyoftheloom, Thank you, I'll get pics of the full stripes when it's on the loom. I do really like using HD shetland. The finished product is light and soft.

    Oh no Michelle, more pups needing homes! I'm sure Bulldog Rescue has a deep waiting list though.
    I sure hope so. I hope you do that scratch board regardless. I'm sure it will be wonderful!

    LOL, I should have Jennifer! Yes, Hannah fits Ms. Hollandia.

    Evelyn, I'm blushing that I have been able to inspire you, such an accomplished weaver! As to doing a prayer flag, go for it. You and the universe will get so much good karma out of it!

    Leigh, No TV! I didn't have a TV for upwards of five years. I didn't miss it then but I would now. Gene and I were TV less on 9/11, but we heard it on NPR. I have never felt so out of touch with the world as I did on that day, not having a TV. Never again.
    I look forward to you getting to your loom again too. I bet you have all sorts of things percolating!

  9. Lots of good weaving stuff going on for you!!! I'm inspired and impressed by your blankets!

    The prayer flags will be healing. Sorry that they need to be.

    Good to know about the one thread out of place....I'll keep that in mind for when I make that mistake!


  10. Theresa do you cook, clean, eat or sleep? Where do you get all of this energy!

    You are quite the motivator!

    Love reading your blog.....