Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Paint Cans Cometh

Two rooms have been slated for painting, the upstairs bathroom and the Queen Mum's room (as Gene calls it), which is really the front guest room where my mother reins when she visits.

Friday I had more errands to run than I wanted to even think about and by the time I got back at 1:30p.m. after leaving at 8:00 a.m. I was tuckered out. The back room bed made for a wonderful cat nap before feeding.

But back to the paint. This is the first time I'm trying the no/low VOC paint. I did test patch on the wall and they are right, no paint smell. I kind of miss that paint smell. It means someone has been busy. Honestly, as bad as I am sure everyone is going to tell me it is, I like the smell of a freshly painted room. Maybe they can put the smell in without the bad that makes those fumes. "Why yes Miss, would you like stink or no stink in your paint?" "I'll take the stink please." Anyway, the bathroom is going from periwinkle blue to a two tone paint job of apple green and soft cream. Gene will install a high chair rail and do the ceiling for me as this girl just doesn't do ceilings if I can help it. The green is quite bright and cheerful, it's Pittsburgh paint Green Grapes. The cream is my all time favorite cream Andover Cream, which was used in the new back room.
The Queen's room will get redone in this color cream too. That guest room has been the victim of a paint job gone wrong for a long time and this year is the time to correct it.
The Folgers can is primer, we have a five gallon bucket of the stuff and it's just too unwieldy to haul around.

The two looms have been busy. The manly scarf is off the Louet and I am quite pleased with it. It's a rather sedate and formal scarf and certainly appropriate for any guy to wear.

I loved the yarn so much I am casting about for an overshot pattern for it. Maybe place mats with a hemp warp. We'll see, but it will make another appearance in the future.

The cashmere scarf is in process and going to have some more woven on it today and threading Barbara will commence this weekend also. I may wait until after cleaning tomorrow to take her beater and beam off since they are just another thing to clean around or I may give the studio a lick and a promise and start.

Farms news is pretty boring. No bears, raccoons or skunks. Heck I haven't even seen my handsome bucks in a couple of days. I am back in Juno and Buzz's good graces.
The gate area of the paddock has been tractored out again of manure and it has gone into the pile to sweeten for use. Gene is almost finished with the outside trim on the new windows. The goats have been dusted but need to be sheared again if I want some usable fiber and they need their hooves trimmed. A day of goat wrangling needs to be planned. Denial runs deep this time of year. No one is willing to say it's time to start cutting wood, fixing fences, pulling out turtlenecks and jackets or working on the truck plow, but it is just about so.


  1. The scarf looks great! Very warm and cozy - and manly, oh so manly! That's great that you used a yarn that you love so much!! Looking forward to whatever you cook up next with it!

    Painting day! Good for you! Will we get to see before and after pictures???

    It feels like fall here - clear days, cool crisp nights - but I keep telling myself that it's only Labor Day weekend. It can't really be fall yet! (Tuesday I might have more trouble keeping my denial intact!)

    Good luck with the paint!


  2. Your scarf is great!! It will look good on who ever wears it.

    Have fun painting. That's something way down on my list of things I like to do. Good thing I have a husband that enjoys it.

  3. Once we finally get the hearth done I need to get started on painting the living room. I'm not familiar with the no/low VOC paints. But then, I'm weird too in that I like that paint smell!

    I really like that scarf too.

  4. The scarf is beautiful! Did Gene decide to keep it???? Have fun painting! I find with each project I get the energy to start more! Maybe you can get a candle that give you the freshly painted room smell!

  5. How do you get so much done Theresa?! I swear you have a clone. *Someone* needs to paint our house too - I need a paint fairy.