Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Little Lizard With Your Libation?

It was quite a little race and battle of wills that started off my morning. Five sharp eyed terriers, one sharp eyed aussie/border cross, a fairly slow cat and one surprised human all spied this little fellow moving slowly in the cool morning across the back room floor boards at once.

Who would win was the question. If the terriers got him it was all over. Jack was at the head of the pack and with that JRT background there is no hesitation to this boy. Gone in one bite. If Smoochie had gotten him, he'd be licked to death,Charlotte would have stood over him nosing and poking him to death and Bea, she would have made a bold stand 10 feet away and tried to bark him off the face of the earth. Angel was ready to herd him to death and Rodger the cat, well, we have 3 cats around the property and a lot of tail-less lizards. Those are the lucky ones. The word "No" is used very little with the dogs, preferring commands as to what I want them to do, so NO yelled has a lot of force. It was enough to stop even the highest prey drive in his tracks. I was able to make it known that this was MINE and no one else dare touch it. I calmly got a glass and coaxed my little friend into it. All the dogs politely watched from the doorway. Rodger was miffed and flicked his tail in disgust and left the scene all together.

I'll wait until day light and taxi this guy out to a safer haven. I know just the spot.
It looks like he is known as an Oregon Alligator Lizard.


  1. I laighed out loud about Bea Barking him off the face of the earth!!! All the descriptions were great and I could just see them happening. Great alpha on the NO!

  2. That is a nice looking lizard. I am pleased to make his acquaintance. I suppose that I will be encountering his relatives sooner or later. It is nice to meet the neighbors but they will take some getting used to for this former Washingtonian!

  3. I had no idea you had lizards in Oregon!! Glad you could rescue him and return him to the wild!

    I think this calls for a lizard-free margarita!


  4. Cool Lizard - but thanks....
    I'll be having some wacky nightmare tonight. It always happens!

  5. "It looks like he is known as an Oregon Alligator Lizard."

    He looks like a swizzle stick in a glass to me! Again, nightmares and now I'll be checking my glasses before drinking.

  6. Jennifer,
    That is Bea's answer to everything in life. Bark until it goes away. She sends the minions out and stays put on the sofa, barking directions no doubt!

    He's a harmless little fellow, as are just about all of the lizards in So.OR. The spiny ones will hiss and try to bite, but let's face it, a fingers too big for their not so big mouths. But he eats a lot of bugs!

    Sue, we have a lot of lizards, the bright blue ones are particularly lovely, and fast moving! There are also some nifty salamanders if you venture to some of the local streams.
    That glass would make a HUGE drink...hmmm, then I'd only need one. ;-)

    Hope no lizard sleep terrors visited you last night. Cute idea as a lizard swizzle stick. Could be the beginnings of a great practical joke, unless of course, you're the lizard!

  7. I laughed with appreciation at how each of your dogs would approach the lizard - laugh out loud funny.

    Hope you were never in the fire danger and that the smoke has gone now.