Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bea's Big Adventure

One would think Miss Bea would have shown a little reserve yesterday morning going back to the vet, maybe a tremble or two the minute she hit the typical smooth veterinary floor.
Not my girl though, the only one worried was me. She came in with her tail held high and wagging, not to mention the jaw and barker was working just fine. We had our meet and greet with the vet and techs. I got to ask any questions that might have popped up and way too soon a hand reached over to take the leash from my claw like grasp. The blond bombshell wagged her tail and off she went happily with a perfect stranger down the long hallway to the back kennel and surgery. There was nowhere to go but home and wait for the call.

At 11:20 am Dr. Frank let us know that Bea was out of surgery, she came up fast and fine from anesthesia and was in her crate recovering. The ligament was at 90% rupture and the replacement of it with nylon cord went just as it should. The last time I called for an update (I was pretty good, I only called twice) she was up on her sternum, watching the activity. I'm sure she was in La La Land. Overnight she will be/was heavily sedated on pain medication and we should expect to keep her on it for 5-7 days post-op. I will head down to Jacksonville to pick her up between 11:00 and noon.
We'll put a large crate up in the living room since it serves well as recovery central.

Needless to say, the day wasn't terribly productive and started out rather poorly. Bob sputtered and died yesterday morning bringing hay up to the horses. It looks like some kind of a fuel problem and will need further investigation today. I'll be hand carting hay up like I use to pre-Bob. At least it isn't snowing.

I did get some spinning time in. It was just the thing for a day that needed a soothing task. Some BFL that I've been working on got plied and soaked and I'm rather happy with it.

I have two other skeins of it already done. I did start spinning some of the wonderful BFL/wool roving. It was lovely to spin and seductive enough to completely adsorb me for a time.

Dennett and I both missed our Miss Bea last night. Quite often she abandons the bed to sleep on the floor near him on one of the many old blankets underneath He looked for her but finally scratched one of the beds out from under enough to be within reach of me dropping my arm down the side and giving his head a scratch. He fell asleep while I was rubbing his ears. No one felt the need to rub my ears, so it took a little longer for me to drop off.


  1. I'm glad Bea came through surgery just fine. I know you'll feel much better once you pick her up and get her safely back home.

  2. I'm glad she's doing fine. Hopefully she'll be back home pretty soon and she'll heal up well.

    Argh - I can't believe that Bob chose now to act up! Hopefully he'll be on the mend soon as well!! Hand-carting hay doesn't sound so fun....although sometimes something mindless and physical can really help with stress.

    Good that spinning is a soothing pastime! Come to think of it, weaving would be great for me today....I'll have to go see what state my one warped loom is in!

    See you!


  3. I see there you are at 4 am blogging!!! I'm glad to hear Miss Bea is doing well and look forward to other reports on her. I would have been a basketcase as well!

  4. I HATE that waiting time! Glad Miss Bea is doing well, I can't actually scratch your ears, but I am hoping for a better nights sleep for you. She will be back in no time I hope, and you will rest easier I am sure. Handcarting hay... that alone should wear you out!

  5. LOL, thank you Kim, I suspect having my ears scratched is not as rewarding as it is for dog and cat ears....
    Sue, yes, Bob picked a bad day, but the last time he acted up it was in the snow and this is Much better than that.
    Jennifer, this was bad, but it's way worse to have a problem you can't identify. 4 am is a great time for blogging! ;-)