Friday, September 11, 2009

Loose Ends

I have bits and bobs of stuff that don't warrant whole posts, so look for this niggling stuff under loose ends in the future too! ;-)

I've been wondering all summer, (or at least since I was a bad shepherdess and forgot one night to lock the goatie girls up) if they are safer from predators hanging with the horses overnight or in their locked pen. Now, the fence is certainly high enough to contain them, but really, if something wanted to get in, it's low enough to be successful at it.

The girls trotted out of the big horse shelter next to the boys at breakfast time. In fact they were leading the charge. Everyone has morning hay together anyway. A few piles are put on the ground and it warms my heart daily to see the species happily breaking bread. So, if anyone wants to throw out any experiences I'd love to hear them.

Ashland is having it's annual sidewalk sale. I'm going too even though I rarely purchase anything. After all, the Webster's is the starting point for me!

Something is indeed digging into the tack room. The hole seems awfully small for Bond the skunk though. I am grabbing some old plywood that we have piled outside and putting it all down on the floor. I have given up hope that cement is going to happen this year. I'm just thrilled we got the windows in and the bathroom ceiling will get done.

Bea's surgery is Monday. This will be her first ever overnight at the vet. I feel terrible leaving her in a strange place overnight but it is what it is. Tuesday morning I'll be there bright and early to spring her and my new job will be Bea's Handmaiden. Which is fine with me!

Barbara is over half threaded, the cashmere scarf is over half woven and a new warp is sitting on Hey Baby waiting to be wound on. I love that the back of the loom folds up when not in use since I have Barbara pulled out while I thread. It keeps a walkway free between looms and small worktable.

Guild meeting took up most of Tuesday. There were so many wonderful things to see at show and share. All the scarves I made for the animal shelter auction where handed over, including the manly linen/alpaca one. I want to get some pet prayer flags finished to also hand over. Lots of loose ends of all sorts!

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  1. Boo for a digging critter in the tack room! Where are those terriers when you need them??

    You know I'll be keeping my fingers crossed on Monday when Bea has surgery. I hope it goes smoothly and she has a great result. Dogs are amazing at healing quickly.

    I somehow didn't realize that the scarf was for the auction. Very generous of you! I love the idea of animal prayer flags too.

    Doesn't it feel good to clean up loose ends? Shouldn't I be doing more of that - in my life, if not my blog?