Friday, September 4, 2009

It's A Full Moon and They Gotta Go!

The community yard sale up in the Greensprings is this weekend. I took the opportunity to clean out my bookshelves of novels and such and while in the process, weeded out my knitting books. Rather than just take these to the yard sale, I am offering them free to the folks who put up with my blogging or those souls (who through no fault of their own), have suddenly found themselves here! Let me know what book(s) you want, send along a bubble mailer with postage that fits and I'll pop it in the mail to you. That's it. Most will go for about $4.50 in postage and if you want more than one I can give you approximate weights. If the postage is shy, no worries, what's a few pennies among friends. I just want these books to find good homes.

So here is the lot, feel free to take one or more and my direct e-mail is at the bottom of the post. It will be edited out when all the books are gone. First come first serve.
Books will be removed as they are spoken for. If you don't see it listed, it's found a home. :-)

Domiknitrix by J. Stafford
Dogs in Knits by J. Swartz
The Yarn Girls Guide to Beyond the Basics by J.Carles & J.Jacobs
The Ultimate Sock Book by Vogue Knitting
Knits Three Ways by M. Matthay

Don't be shy, if you want more than one that's fine. They are all in good shape, some may have dust cover and shelf wear.
e-mail your selection to me at :


  1. Fiber books....I'm such a sucker for books of all kinds, but combine knitting and's hopeless really!

    Thanks so much for your generosity!!


  2. What a wonderful idea!!! I'm sorry to say I have more books then I need right now.

    I think I'll follow your lead when I do my next book clean out.

  3. Cool idea - we've been cleaning outwith the new floors and some of it I'm fine sending to Goodwill, but some of it I really would prefer to go to home that I know will use it. Hmmm....

  4. I am surprised that Sue hasn't snatched them all up by now!!!