Saturday, July 11, 2009

This is Some Loom I Got HERE!

I've waited 9 long months for this loom! I put a deposit on it in November of 2008 and paid the balance owed in January of this year. From that point to this point, weather and obligations have kept Gene from picking it up in Idaho Falls, Idaho. He gets the husband of the year award for driving 28 hours in 2 days to pick this beauty up.  It surely wasn't something on his long list of things to do before you die. ;-)
This is a ten year old Louet Delta. She is 43" wide in weaving width and made of ash, has 8 shafts and 10 rear hinged treadles,

a parallel countermarch system and with a sectional beam. She came with some goodies. The bench, 3 stainless steel reeds, bobbin rack and bobbins, tensioner and counter. 

 She's been used exactly 3 times in her life so far and looks brand spanking new.  The guild that owned her wanted to move her along as no one had any interest in weaving on her.  Before she left one brave soul wove a couple of rugs on her.
She's a heavy loom, while not as weighty as the Barbara V, she's plenty sturdy and in my humble opinion, darn pretty too. The Scandinavian sensibility shines in every detail of this loom as it does with all of them made in that general region. It was love at first touch. 

The couple of treadles used were still tied up when she arrived and I had a chance to check out the action. Quiet, light and easy accompanied by only the nicest wood on wood click as I depressed it. I was transported to a heaven like place.  After coming off cloud 9, I needed to do a few adjustments and go through her to make sure everything was as it should be. Today I'll tighten all her nuts and bolts as a 14 hour drive in the back of a pick-up is enough to rattle anyone up. I'll also start familiarizing myself with the steps of sectional warping. A few nifty gadgets to get use to and a new skill set to learn.

 Things are tight in the loom room right now. The Murphy is waiting on the sun room to be done and he'll go out there to live with the lovely view. The Delta will take Murphy's place in the loom room.  Oh, and she's been named. I call her Hey Baby!


  1. Oh she's beautiful!!!! How exciting to have a new member to the weaving family in your home. What's the first project?! Cindie

  2. I'm so excited for you! She's finally home and ready to shine!
    Have fun.

  3. Is this a loom made in Finland?I went over the mountain to Oslo with a hanger on my car to get a loom.The owner was so kind as to let me take it apart.But my mind was at how am I going to turn my car and hanger out this skinny driveway and skinny road.Well I got home ,and had a few other projects to do firat.When settig up the loom I am suddenly blank.But your picture looks the same.Will be away for a week but please do not delete this picture .

  4. Alette,

    Pretty name BTW. The Louet's are made in Holland, Toika's in Finland and Glimakra's in Sweden I believe. If I'm wrong no doubt someone will kindly correct.

    Thanks for posting and the pictures never go away! :-)

  5. Congratulations!! Such great news!

    And what a beautiful loom. So gorgeous!!

    Your husband definitely scores big points for driving that far to get the loom. That's awesome!

    Can't wait to see what beautiful things you'll create on this loom!


  6. You said it - that's some loom you got there! And you're right, Gene does get the husband of the year award. I have lust in my heart - for the loom, not your husband.

  7. Thank you everyone for letting me show off Hey Baby!
    We spent some time yesterday getting to know one another and there will be updates!

  8. Congrats on finally getting the loom in place - and Gene does deserve an award! Looking forward to what comes from it!