Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Double the Fun

Okay, I am having a blast with this double width blanket I'm weaving. While all weaving is a form of self created mystery at times, double weave is simply magic!

I love it. Good thing too since I have a lot of blankets I want to weave now that Hey Baby has arrived.

Remember all that Harrisville Shetland I ordered? I was pawing over it this morning, dreaming of maybe doing a triple weave. Part of the fun of doing this new magical thing has really been the equipment. How do I love thee, let me count the ways....That's exactly how I feel about this new Louet Delta. While the verdict is still out on sectional warping, I'm smitten with everything else about this loom. The shed, the fact I don't have to get up to advance the cloth, the feel of the treadles and the quiet clack of them as I weave. I could weave at 5:30 this morning and no grumbling from on high about the noise. A big plus as I love to do busy work early.

As to weaving the double width, there is a lot of room for improvement. I have a fair amount of draw in. I tried a temple and didn't really like using it for this but I will next project if I must. I was out to lunch on the math part too. I doubled the warp, but neglected to do the same with the weft. OH NO!!!!! The Classic Elite Four Seasons yarn I am using is long discontinued, so little hope of finding it again without a lot of time. A solution has been found though. A quick trip to Web-sters and the expert help from both Dona and Wendy got me fixed up with a yarn close in weight and feel. In fact I had a couple of good choices. I came home with a Jo Sharp yarn, some in navy and some in white which I will work into the blanket along with the Four Season's navy and white marl yarn and the hot pink. It was a great solution and I am truly grateful.

And because this post is about doubles, I should also mention that two of my favorite people are celebrating their birthdays today. Gene heads deeper into geezerhood and yes, since it is birthday week, he gets to do what he wants. He'll be unfurling that paragliding wing and taking to the skies, and staying up until he's ready to come down I hope! ;-)
The second birthday of note is my dear friend Linda's, who is probably one of the kindest people I know, full of talent, creativity and just spilling over with joy and good cheer 24/7. How does she do it I sometimes wonder?
Happy Happy Birthdays!


  1. Doubel and triple weave??? How very cool - that was one that took a minute to get my head around, but that is like magic!

  2. your blanket looks great! I'm glad you're having so much fun with it. I love all kinds of doubleweave - let me know if you'd ever like to borrow my notebook from a guild program I gave.

  3. I love the colors of your blanket!! Because I've only woven solid colors double widith it didn't dawn on me until you mentioned that you needed to double the amount of weft for your blanket. Thanks for that information. I'm sure your blanket will be just fine especially after its been washed.

  4. Self-created mystery!!! Awesome way to describe weaving!

    The blanket looks great so far!! I'm askeered of doubleweave....even though I want to try it sometime because people do beautiful things with it!!

    That's great that you were able to get your yarn substitution figured out....and great that you had help to do that.

    I will think "Stay afloat" thoughts for all paragliders. Gulp! It seems so soon - but I guess since it's his birthday it's OK! (Remember this next time your birthday rolls around!)


  5. Loom Envy!!!! Double weave is on my *next* list.

  6. For those that haven't tried it, once you wrap your head around what is lifted in the treadling plan it isn't too hard, at least the simple twill I have going on. Trust your pattern and start where they say to start for the first shot. I can tell you unweaving DW is a pain!

    Cindie, thank you for the generous offer of the notebook. I my take you up on it!

    bspinner, thank you. The colors are coming out better than I expected. Not ones I usually work with at all.

    Sue, the way I weave it IS a self created mystery! One never really knows how it will turn out. Seriously, it would seem there is something in my genetic make-up that causes me to "change" something on any pattern. One of these days I am going to buy myself a kit and do it exactly as shown.

    As to Gene's paragliding. I am less than thrilled, but when I did dumb things riding, or bought a motorcycle or a hundred other things, no one ever told me I couldn't, much as it might have been suggested that I shouldn't. He made it home last night for a special dinner, tanned, happy and tired.

    Sharon, LOL, what can I say, it is a nice loom and I coveted one myself. Glad DW has made it on to your to-do list!